Top 10 Strange Laws Around The World

Top 10 Strange Laws Around The World

Updated on August 23, 2022 10:16 AM by Anna P

There are numerous regulations and laws that we must abide by. However, there are certain nations with rules that are so bizarre it's difficult to believe they're real or even necessary.

Wherever you live, you can be sure that there are some absurdly strange regulations that no police officer could enforce while maintaining a straight face.

We are not just referring to France, where it is forbidden to fly UFOs; I'm referring to all countries. For instance, it is illegal in Chicago to feed a dog whiskey, take a nap on a dance floor, or eat inside a burning building. And that's only the start.

Here, we've compiled some of our favorite bizarre laws from around the globe. So continue reading and be aware that, wherever you are on the earth, you are almost certainly a criminal doing something illegal.

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United Arab Emirate demonstrations of affection in public

Yes, we are discussing a simple act like a kiss between two willing adults. A couple was recently sentenced to one month in jail for sharing a kiss in a gas station lavatory. Even though they insisted they were only performing "CPR," a couple who were seen kissing on a beach at night in 2013 was sentenced to a year in prison. 

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Let the homing pigeons be

In Australia, homing pigeons are covered by legal protection. This bird has a tremendous range and can locate its nest from great distances. It was originally employed for both racing and communication sent. Due to these strange rules, it is illegal to capture, harm, or kill homing pigeons because they have gained prominence in the nation. People who are found guilty must face a hefty $250 fine.

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Some Greek historical sites prohibit the wearing of high heels

Eleni Korka, director of Greek prehistoric and classical antiquities, stated the following in 2009: "Women who visit must wear footwear that won't damage the artifacts. People need to understand that these monuments' skin is damaged." Due to the complete body pressure on stilettos, which can cause holes, the ban was implemented to reduce the wear on the monuments and made it illegal to wear heels.

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No Flush after 10:00 Pm

The prohibition on flushing toilets after 10:00 PM is one of Switzerland's most stringent laws. Everyone had better get everything done before 10 o'clock. Flushing the toilet at night is considered illegal and  noise pollution in Switzerland

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Cleaning up after your dog is required in Capri; failing to do so will result in DNA tracking

There is a local ordinance on Capri, a small island in the Gulf of Naples, requiring dog owners to clean up after their animals if they defecate on the ground. Unfortunately, not everyone is following the rule, so Mayor Lembo reasoned that he could enforce it by using a different existing statute requiring blood testing for canine leishmaniasis on all canines and just matching the DNA.

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A person will be fined €2,000 ($2,400) if they are caught leaving trash on the streets.

Insulting body language and swearing

Swearing and insulting gestures are Illegal and are subject to strict laws in Kenya and the United Arab Emirates. Using curse words and making offensive or disrespectful gestures in public is prohibited. When upset, keep your mouth shut or prepare for jail time or deportation.

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50 kg of potatoes

In West Australia, that is the most potatoes that can be kept on hand at once. This strange rule indicates that the authorities can take stern action against anything that weighs more than 50 kg because it is forbidden and illegal according to their law.

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In Turin, Italy, it is required by law that you walk your dog three times every day

Dog owners in Turin are required to walk their dogs three times every day. After Rome enacted a decree requiring dog owners to walk their pets at least once daily, this regulation was introduced in 2006. This is a strategy for stopping animal cruelty. The maximum penalty is $600.

Two Children Policy

Not just China, Kerala, an Indian state, has put a rule into effect to curb population increase. A two-child policy that permits them to have a third kid, but only after paying a fine of INR 10,000! Let's get down to business.

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Being fined for running out of fuel on the freeway

In Germany, it is against the law to stop on the freeway without a valid reason because it is illegal and doing so is risky. Running out of fuel is not regarded as a serious enough reason to stop, so it is seen as a violation of this requirement and negligence. The driver is responsible for making sure that their vehicle is in the right condition to be used.

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The Fart Law

The rule isn't for cows, of course, but California's dairy farmers will face challenges in the years to come. According to this strange rule, methane emissions from dairy farms must be reduced by 40% by 2030.

Disrupting a wedding is forbidden in Australia

 In South Australia, you risk a $10,000 fine or two years in prison if you willfully disrupt a wedding, a burial, or any other religious function. "A person who willfully obstructs or disturbs a religious service, a wedding, or a funeral (whether secular or religious) is guilty of an offense," the Summary Offences Act of 1953 states.

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In Singapore, chewing gum is not illegal

Since 1992, chewing gum has not been sold, owned, or used in Singapore. Yes, chewing gum is illegal and is subject to a whopping $100,000 fine in addition to a possible two-year prison sentence. Risks to people's health and environmental harm served as the justification. This regulation exemplifies Singapore's concern for the generation of trash, such as gum, which takes a long time to disintegrate and ends up building up.

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In Sri Lanka, taking pictures with the Buddha is illegal

It is a serious offense in Sri Lanka to take photos of Buddha statues with your back to them. You could be required to remove the pictures. The cops might be summoned if you refuse. The Buddhas may be photographed next to, sideways, with only the head visible in the image and never with his back to the camera.

Tree Climbing Is Prohibited in Oshawa, Canada

According to the pedagogue, parks, squares, and other public areas are the best settings for kids to play uninhibitedly who reside in cities. The bad news for residents of the city of Oshawa is that it is against the law for people to climb trees in public parks.

No person shall climb a tree, attach anything to it, or place anything on it in any way, according to one of the city's bylaws. This prohibition also applies to any part of a tree that is located on municipal property.

According to the Canadian Law Discussion, the purpose of the law was to stop people from trying to act like Spider-Man. The city of Oshawa claims that it is extremely concerned about the safety of its residents, which is why this rule is in place.

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Missing your wife's birthday might land you in jail

The majority of spouses in the globe are forgetful, but Samoa in Oceania is working to change that! There, it is against the law to forget your wife's birthday, and if you do, you must answer to the law and still compensate your wife. If the wife decides to report this terrible error to the police, the husband may need to visit the jail and face some difficult questioning.

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The best course of action for husbands in Samoa, then, is to keep their wives satisfied so that, even if they do manage to forget their birthdays, at least they won't face complaints from their wives to the police. The ideal course of action for them, however, is to keep in mind to wish her a happy birthday and to purchase her some lovely things.

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You Cannot Wear Armor Inside The British Parliament

During the reign of Edward II of England, the Statute Forbidding Bearing of Armour or Coming Armed To Parliament Act 1313 was passed.

Even though no one has been charged for breaking this statute in recent years, it is still in effect today. "Every man should appear without all force and armor in all parliaments, Treaties, and other Assemblies, which should be made in the realm of England forever," it declares.

Men in France Are Only Allowed To Wear Clinging Swim trunks at Public Pools

Men are only permitted to wear skintight swimming trunks in public swimming pools in France; swimming shorts are not permitted. It appears to have to do with hygiene since when men wear their baggy swim shorts as regular shorts, they risk picking up dust, dirt, and other particles.

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It is illegal to change light bulbs in Victoria, Australia

You might be surprised by this Australian law, but it makes more sense. Without legitimate authorization to do so, changing a light bulb was illegal under Victorian law. Only licensed electricians are permitted to change a lightbulb in Victoria. You will be penalized if you do not abide by this.

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In North Korea, making international calls is illegal

Because it's illegal in North Korea to make international calls, citizens cannot do so. Reports claim that in 2007, a North Korean factory owner who was accused of making international calls on 13 phones he put in the factory basement was executed by a firing squad in front of 150,000 spectators.

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There are many various cultures and traditions in the world, and each nation has its own peculiar set of laws and conventions. But the only way to ensure that society functions properly is through rules and laws. However, each nation can shape the law to suit its own needs, and it becomes interesting when some nations create their laws.

It is crucial to understand how things operate in your location before you travel or relocate there. A new place's culture can be enjoyable and fascinating, but occasionally, some things can become bizarre.

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