Top 10 dangerous toys that can potentially harm your kids

Top 10 dangerous toys that can potentially harm your kids

Updated on August 17, 2022 09:23 AM by Ava Sara

Toys bring joy to kids as they play and learn by using them. According to research, it is scientifically proved that toys enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity in them from a very early age, which is essential in developing physical and mental skills that are necessary as they grow up. And that’s the reason toddlers are inseparable from their toys.

With toys, they entertain themselves and explore the world around them. Different toys are used for different ages, from babies to toddlers to school-aged children. 

But not all toys are kids friendly as every year, thousands of toys are recalled, or a few toys are banned when they pose a danger to the kids as that might result in injuries. Some toys come with warning signs on the boxes and packets of toys, and others are found only after any fatal accident occurs or sometimes even leads to death. 

And here is the list of the top 10 toys that are recalled based on the poor functionality that led to major accidents.

Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper

Have you ever wondered when the choking hazard warning sign was introduced on toys?

It was only after the Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper toy was introduced in the market and later recalled. 

A series named Battlestar Galactica was aired on tv in the U.S. Following the series, a sci-fi toy named Battlestar Galactica Colonial Viper hit the stores in the 1970s. The toy had the feature of firing a little plastic missile just like a spring-loaded weapon.

It was handled carelessly by a four-year-old boy named Robert Jeffrey Warren, who accidentally aimed the missile in his mouth and launched it. The small plastic missile choked his throat, and he died. 

After this incident, the toy was quickly recalled from all the store shelves. The American multinational toy manufacturing and entertainment company Mattel faced a serious lawsuit in March 1979 to remove all the projectiles from all the toys as many consumers reported the projectile to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Later the company put warning stickers on all the toy products capable of firing the deadly projectile.

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Sky Dancers

The concept of dolls and helicopters were blended company developed a new product called Sky Dancers. This concept was introduced with the idea that, when introduced, it can be a huge hit in the market. 

So Sky Dancers are nothing but cute little dolls dressed as fairies that had soft foam wings that Galoob Toys Inc developed in the 1990s.

The dolls came in different styles with Pretty Lights Sky Dancers, Mini-Sky Dancers, and Fairy Flyers, and The launchers, sold in many shapes, including dolphins, flowers, moon, ponies, and sun and rainbow, and they came in two versions, handheld, and tabletop versions. 

This doll was mounted on a decorative base that spun swiftly at a greater velocity when the string attached to that doll was pulled. This foam wing was designed similar to the shape of propeller blades in a helicopter that the Sky Dancers would spin up in the air beautifully and will fly right into anyone present near the doll.

This doll has created a lot of accidents like hitting kids' eyes, faces blinding others, and much more similar accidents. As a result, Galoob Toys Inc received 170 complaints of the dolls creating injuries by scratching the pupil and leading to partial blindness.

Other injuries on skin that needed stitches, shattered teeth, and even broken ribs. Later CPSC asked the company to recall all the toys.

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Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets were so common among school-going kids in the early 1990s. It was a cool bracelet, a painted or coated straight metal strip and slapped on the skin; it rolls and forms a bracelet. But this was banned almost in all schools, considering it a dangerous tool that can cause injury to fellow students.

The problem was that the edge of the metal strip, when exposed, can seriously create injury by slicing the flesh. So this bracelet was banned from entering schools.


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Austin Magical Pistol

Austin Magical Pistol is the most desirable toy of all time in the vintage toy collection. At the same time, it was the deadly toy ever marketed for kids to handle and was later banned. 

This Magical Pistol has another name Ping-Pong Blaster as the gun fired ping pong balls. These days, pistol toys come with a spring-loaded gun to fir these Ping-Pong balls. But in the 1940s, that was not the case. The kids were given calcium carbide, which the kids had to spit into the barrel and throw in a ball that would fire these Ping-Pong balls on the target.  

When the Calcium carbide and spit react, it produces acetylene gas that could explode as it erupts as a fireball, and that's how the momentum is created to release the ball with some fire hurting the wrist and the users even under adult supervision. And even many reports claim that the gas is flammable and, when used, can rupture, break, or even explode during its usage.

As a result, the pistol was banned, and now it is considered a firearm.

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CSI Fingerprint Analysis Kit

From the popular series, CSI came the CSI Fingerprint Analysis kit. This kit was created to promote the series as it helped anyone who possessed it imagine themselves to be a person who works collecting bodily fluids samples from the corpses. 

The kit contains a dusting powder to get the fingerprints, and it contains asbestos. And when this dusting powder is inhaled, it causes mesothelioma, a type of cancer.  

But no one ever understood why the asbestos powder was included in the fingerprint powder, and many blamed China as it was manufactured there; whatever it was, the toys were recalled keeping the safety concern of children in mind.

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Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets

Small little objects must be handled with care around kids as they tend to swallow them. Today we have warning signs, but in those days, they weren't. 

And this is what happened with Magnetix Magnetic Building Sets. This kit has 0.5″ steel magnetic balls attached to the plastic building pieces. Though this kit was only for older children, a problem occurred when a 20-month-old boy swallowed the magnet resulting in bowel obstruction.

After the demise of the little one, more than 3.8 million units were recalled by Mega Branda America, Inc. right after the Consumer Product Safety Commission asked the company to do so in 2007.

Swallowing one magnet is never a problem as they are non-toxic. Still, the problem arises when the second magnet is swallowed as the stronger field becomes too dangerous, resulting in painful and potentially deadly bowel obstructions or perforation.

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Aqua Leisure Inflatable Baby Boats

This inflatable baby boat might seem a safe way to let babies play in the water, but it was a nightmare for many parents. Though the boat comes up with a leg strap to secure the position of the baby still, the strap could be easily snapped apart, gliding the baby down into the water.

There are other chances as the seat would rip apart, sending the baby down the water. Thankfully, no children died, but dozens of babies were put at risk and nearly drowned.

The Aqua-Leisure Industries, who produced this inflatable boat, knew of these severe issues but still kept silent and did nothing until 2002. Due to this, they were slapped with a fine amount of $650,000 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in 2012 and were asked to recall over 4 million boats.

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Slip 'n Slide

Slip 'n Slide was a kid's favorite as running and sliding on a slippery way with their headfirst into the water was a cool way to spend their childhood time. But the issue started when adults started to have fun with it. When anyone other than children is used, it might end in a concussion by slipping and hitting the head.

According to Consumer Product Safety Commission, when adults use the old product dated before 1993, they risk their lives by hitting their heads on the ground, making them too heavy to slide on it. CPSC came up with a small instruction on it as

"The slider's forward momentum drives the body into the neck and compresses the spinal cord."

 This gentle instruction was given right after seven adults and one teenager suffered a serious injury resulting in neck fracture, paraplegia, and even quadriplegia between 1973 and 1991. So WHAM-O wound up recalling over nine million slides.

Now Slip' n Slides are coming up with clear instructions on not to use over 12, and older ones have to use a better way to enjoy with their kids.

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Aqua Dots

Aqua Dots came up with a new idea of creating one's creative designs using their Bindeez Beads to make new crafts. But the beads are so deadly when swallowed, filled with chemicals that can put oneself into a coma and even lead to death.

The chemical gets ingested into the system and can metabolize into GHB, a drug that causes amnesia and blackouts. 

As a result of the side effects, four million toys were recalled to stop the possible comas and death.

Snacktime Cabbage Patch Doll

The 90's favorite toy was Snacktime Cabbage Patch Doll, which was recalled a few years after hitting the stores. The uniqueness of the doll was that it came up with a real chewing action when fed.

The toy couldn't differentiate between the plastic snack and other edible items that caused injury to the fingers and hands of the little ones. For a few girls, the doll even chewed the girl's hair. 

Every parent should ensure that the toys their kids use are 100% safe and age-appropriate to safeguard them from any possible future injuries and supervise the kids.


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