Time to Reveal the Truth – Facts behind Myths about Egypt

Time to Reveal the Truth – Facts behind Myths about Egypt

Updated on December 15, 2021 19:45 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The oldest and probably the most mysterious civilization, the Egyptian civilization has many stories spun around it. Most of which are simply myths. There is so much to know about this civilization from reliable sources. But, we get most of our knowledge from the movies. Well, of course, it's cheaper that way! But hey, why worry when we are here to bring you the facts about "The Land of Pharaohs."

So, let's take a look at some of the myths that have been around for years and the facts behind them!

The Reality of the Pyramids

Everyone's fascinated by the Egyptian Pyramids. Especially in the movies, the Pyramids have been the major subject for films with a background on Egypt.  Sadly, the reality is pretty different than what's shown on the silver screens. The surrounding desert isn't as vast as it is shown and it's mostly always crowded with tourists. However, that does not take away its heritage.

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Death and afterlife

Egyptian civilization was known for mummifying bodies and building pyramids. Now, just because they tried to preserve the bodies, many believe they might have been obsessed with death. But that's not the case. They thought of it as just another chapter or stage of life. They didn't believe that physical death was the end of it all. They believed in an afterlife where their spirits would still live on.

Were the Ancient Egyptians fit? Know the truth now!

Okay, so this might come as a surprise, but unlike what we imagine them to be, the Egyptians were overweight and even obese and diabetic. This is because of their unhealthy diet of beer, meat, wine, honey, and bread. We depict them as fit and healthy, but the reality was quite the opposite, as revealed by mummies' examinations results.

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Unravel the truth about the Great Pyramid

It is a common myth that 100,000 slaves built the Great Pyramid, but it was not the slaves who built it. There is archaeological evidence that points to the fact that a permanent, salaried workforce and temporary workers were employed for the task.

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Cleopatra was not Egyptian.

Sorry to break it to you all but Cleopatra, known widely for her beauty and considered one of the most famous Egyptian figures, was Greek Macedonian. Yes, you heard it right! She was not Egyptian. And not just that, she was more than just beautiful. People remember her mostly because of her appearance, but she was pretty intellectual, too. She studied 3 subjects and spoke 12 languages! The subjects include astronomy, maths, and philosophy.

Far more advanced than you’d think

The Ancient Egyptians were far more advanced than one might think. The way probably reached the New World before Columbus did. We say this because, upon examining the mummy of priestess HenutTaui, it was revealed that there were traces of nicotine, cocaine, and hashish.

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