These weird laws from around the world will leave you baffled

These weird laws from around the world will leave you baffled

Updated on December 21, 2021 10:33 AM by Anthony Christian

Rules and regulations help maintain the order,  fairness, and safety of the people.  But most of us hate them! Come on now,  do not deny it.  We love to live a life that's free of rules and regulations.  Many people in the world believe that rules are meant to be broken because they restrict the broadening of our horizons. However, challenging rules should be for the betterment of society and not harm anyone.

Today we've compiled a list of bizarre rules of some countries that will make you go "What the heck"!

The Cactus Law

We understand that cutting plants is not good for the environment.  But have you heard of a law that can put you in prison for as long as 25 years if you cut a cactus? Well, in Arizona in the US, cutting down a Saguaro cactus is a punishable offense, even if it's on your private property!

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No Chewing Gums!

All kinds of making, selling, or importing chewing gums is banned in Singapore.  You can get fined or even jailed if you do so! You can get fined up to 1000 USD. And if you keep repeating the offense, you'll have to pay a hefty amount of 2000 USD!

A Big No to High Heels!

Do not make the mistake of wearing high heels in the Acropolis in Greece!  High heels were banned back in the year 2009 to protect the ancient ruins. High heels are sharp and pointy, so they thought it might cause damage to these thousands of years old ruins.

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The 'drunk' laws!

You might get a ticket if you're drunk and in charge of a cow. It's against the law in Scotland to be drunk while you're in charge of a cow (this also includes riding it), a steam engine, or even a horse carriage.  Also,  you can't be drunk when you're in possession of a loaded firearm!

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Control your selfie urges!

I know selfies can be tempting, especially when you're in a new place. But when in Sri Lanka, control your selfie urges when you spot a statue of the Buddha, or else you will be jailed! It is considered disrespectful to take a selfie with your back towards Buddha's status and no pointing!

No Fancy Lacy Undies!

In Russia, it's illegal to wear lacy underwear! A sad news for all the ladies.  Along with Belarus and Kazakhstan, Russia adopted a law that undergarments should have a minimum of 6% cotton. And the reason they gave was that lacy underwears are not good for health as they absorb less moisture.  I mean, who's even going to check what you're wearing underneath!

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