15th February: What Happened on This Day? - Birthdays, Significant Events, And Who Died On This Day

15th February: What Happened on This Day? - Birthdays, Significant Events, And Who Died On This Day

what are the events happened on February 15!!!

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Lantern Festival

The lantern festival is one of the Chinese traditions which were held every year on 15th February. In the lunisolar Chinese calendar, it was the first month. On this day they give some importance to celebrate this day. There are simple Lanterns as people used in ancient days. The person who had a large lantern is the emperor and great nobleman. Nowadays Lantern is made of different shapes, now it is like the shape of animals too.

Liberation Day Afghanistan

In 1989, there was a final departure of the soviet army from the country on 15th February is celebrated as Liberation Day in Afghanistan. They fought between the Soviet-Afghan was nearly 10 years where 2 million civilians were killed in that fight. The population of Afghanistan was lost to 11.5%. About seven million Afghans are internally displaced or refugees in some countries.

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National Gumdrop Day

Gumdrops are bright-colored and are made up of pectin or gelatin. These are flavored with artificial spices like cinnamon and mint. On 15th February, it's a day to celebrate National Gumdrops Day that Americans like candy where they set a day for some special type of candies. Gumdrop is of different shapes and use in many festive décors. Let's grab your favorite gumdrop and enjoy the day.


National I Want Butterscotch Day

Butterscotch is one of the most delicious confections. This day is considered the unofficial food day. It has been existing for over 200 years. It started being candy and is now an essential topping for all desserts and sweets. Sometimes it is used as primary ingredients for corn syrup, vanilla, cream, and salt. At 1150 C, the brown sugar was boiled and mixed with some ingredients.

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Singles Awareness Day

True love happens only when you love yourself. People who are not having Valentine's can celebrate this day on 15th February. This denotes the empowerment of self-love instead of the self-loathing soiree. If you are single and despise Valentine’s Day, it's time to celebrate this day.

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Susan B. Anthony Day

On 15th February of every year, it’s a great day to celebrate Susan B. Anthony Day. She was one of the most influential women in American history. Anthony fought for the lifelong battle for women, educational rights, equal labor, etc… she also fought against the consumption of alcohol and the practice of slavery. American women are voting freely all because of Anthony’s persistence.


World Hippo Day

Hippo was one of the world’s third-largest mammals after elephants and rhinos. Hippo spends most of the daytime in rivers, lakes, etc… to keep cool. It was closely related to Whales, and dolphins. These hippos are native to Sub-Saharan Africa. The median life of the Hippo was 36 years and the wild can live up to 40 years.

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Congo River Disaster

A ship sunk in the Congo River in Mai-Ndombe province, which was near Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo River was located near the village of Loyola Ekoti, Mai-Ndombe Province. After a boat sinks, hundreds of people are missing and sixty people were drowned on the Congo River.

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Chelyabinsk Meteor

On 15th February 2013 about 09:20 YEKT there was a Superboilde that entered Earth’s atmosphere over the Southern Ural region in Russia. At Meteor explodes over Russia, as shock wave blows out windows and rocks buildings where 1500 people were injured. This happened just before the closest approach of unrelated asteroid 2012 DA14.

Honduras Prison

Comayagua is a city and capital of Honduras which was located 80 km northwest of Tegucigalpa on the highway to San Pedro Sula and 594m above sea level. At Honduran Prison, there occurs a fire accident, three hundred and sixty people died in a fire.

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Protest against anti-war

A coordinated day protest was held across more than 600 cities on 15th February 2003, which was to express the opposition to the imminent Iraq war. Over eight million and 30 million people were in participated in this large demonstration of history. On this day it describes as the largest protest event in human history.

First teddy bear on sale

In 1903, on 15th February the first-ever teddy bear was sold. Until now teddy bears had a huge value in the market. Early teddy bears look like real bears with snouts and eyes. Michtom placed a teddy bear in his shop where he asked President Theodore Roosevelt to use a nickname as Teddy. 

I hope that you people can get most of the information that happened on the day of 15th February. The days, and events, are shared in this article which makes you a clear definition of all these days. Hope you learned and enjoyed it. 

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