The Zanetti train that went missing reappeared in other eras. Is it time travelling?

The Zanetti train that went missing reappeared in other eras. Is it time travelling?

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The world is filled with many mysteries around us. Some mysteries can be solved through science, and some cannot as it revolves around us with no clues left of how things go unnoticed beyond the human brain. One such mystery is the Italian train that disappeared with the passengers.

In 1911, the Zanetti train with three cars on its way to its destination mysteriously disappeared in a half-kilometer-long tunnel in Lombard that carried passengers in it. There is no clear evidence of where the mystery train disappeared or what happened to its passengers, and the puzzle still stands unresolved to this day.

The amusing story behind the missing train is that it has done some time traveling with the help of supernatural power.

On July 13, 1911, the Zanetti railway company made a critical advertising campaign for the maiden voyage of a new tourist train, consisting of the locomotive and three luxurious wagons, which would take passengers from the capital to Milan, passing through the spectacular campaigns of Lazio, Umbria, Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, and Lombard.

The tunnel was located between Emilia and Lombardy, and it is said to be the longest half-kilometer tunnel, considered the longest tunnel ever dug in a mountain. Zanetti selected 100 passengers from the local upper class and members of some families of the railway company. Six other people accompanied them, including train drivers and onboard staff.  

The train started its journey on July 14, 1911, with six railway employees and 100 passengers. The train moved slowly to allow the passengers to enjoy the view to the fullest while being entertained by violinist sonatas, food, and champagne, and passengers enjoyed the journey. The train had luxury amenities from food to drinks.

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To see the train entering the tunnel, there was a small crowd at both the entry and exit of the tunnel. The train entered entirely into the darkness of the towel, and it never came out through the other side of the tunnel at the Lombardy tunnel; the train disappeared with no trace.

The incident was reported to the officials, and the railway workers and police searched the dark tunnel, but no train traces were found. The train and traces of no other passengers other than the two who survived jumping off the train were also found.As the team searched, Out of 106 passengers, two passengers came out safely but were shocked.

Those passengers went mentally unstable, and on the repeated treatment, they recovered to normal only after a few days. Though they both were reluctant to detail what happened about the missing train still, one managed to elaborate when the survivor was taken to the tunnel one day.

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After some time of boarding the train, he heard a humming sound on reaching the tunnel, and thick white smoke filled the entire train. On witnessing the smoke, passengers got nervous and started to shout for help. Everyone thought a massive accident had occurred and claimed it as extraterrestrial forces.

Amid this situation, two passengers somehow managed to escape from the enclosed train, and later the tunnel was closed entirely. The passenger hit their head on the ground and collapsed.This incident became a curious riddle and became even more profound. Many people claimed that some supernatural power had captured the train on reaching the tunnel and reached past by time traveling.

Some media sources even claimed that the missing train came to Mexico in the period of the 1840s.In 1845, many years before the incident, a famous psychiatrist from Mexico City, José Saxino, who was in their 40s, claimed that 104 patients who were dressed in strange clothes got admitted to the hospital, stating their conditions were mentally distracted. When enquired to the patients, they revealed they got there by some train and failed to give other details. As they were mentally unstable, treating doctors and nurses did not take them seriously, and the hospital did not carry any patient details.

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Some passengers had 1907's cigarette packs in back in the 1840s, and today this can be seen in the Mexico Museum. Additionally, several countries like Italy, Russia, Germany, and Romania have witnessed the same train with passengers, similar to the train that disappeared in 1911. In a small town in Ukraine which was once a part of the USSR, a duty signalman saw a strange old fashion train running slowly on the track.

When he reached his schedule book about the odd train, nothing was recorded in it. The signalman was not sure where the train came from as he had never seen any such train before. When he described the train, he matched exactly the Zanetti train. The same train was again seen in 1991 in Poltava, and one paranormal scientist jumped into the train in front of several witnesses, and he, too, has officially gone missing.

Years after the missing train, relatives of the passengers found a strange testimony in the medieval chronicles of the Modena Monastery. This told of a satanic metal chariot, from which black smoke came out, followed by three smaller ones. From these chariots came three servants of the devil who were beardless and dressed in strange black robes. The "servants of the devil" began knocking on the monastery's door, asking to enter. Still, the strong bolts, through the Blessed Virgin Mary's intercession invoked by the monks' prayers, prevented the sacrilege. Could it have been our missing train that traveled in time to the Middle Ages? Since then, Zanetti and his passengers have not been talked about anymore, and it seems that the manuscript with the chronicles was destroyed during the Messina earthquake in 1908.

The absolute chiller on the missing train as it left no evidence. Cases related to it were also erased. There was only local news about the lost train and its passengers with many respected locals of Italy, and they were also removed suddenly.

Later the officials decided to close the tunnel for rail traffic during World War II; the tunnel was bombed and closed forever. All the eyewitnesses that have seen the missing train say that the train they saw suddenly appeared in front of them with no rail tracks and that it simply floated. There were three compartments in the parade, windows shut with curtains, and no driver in the locomotive engine. It is clear from this point that this suddenly appeared train seen at these different places was the same.

Was it a ghostly event, or is that train stuck in a time loop and moving back and forth in time? No one knows. Though no scientist is coming up with any clear explanation of what happened to the Zanetti train or whether it really entered into a time journey and lost in time and the train keeps on appearing in different eras disappearing and reappearing again, is it a real case of time travel? or did it get stuck in any time loop? No one can claim anything without any scientific evidence supporting the conclusion about the missing train.

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