The world-renowned places which are famous for several Ghost-sightings

The world-renowned places which are famous for several Ghost-sightings

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There have been numerous spooky stories, including the UFO sightings in Transylvania and the old legend of Count Dracula staying there. Along with that, the added urban legends of murders on various luxury cruise ships where spirits have been seen haunting the corridors in the multiple sections of these ships. Last, we have heard about the numerous souls wandering the halls and rooms of British castles and cemeteries.

The numerous haunted places

British castles have earned the top places on the world’s most haunted list. The spirits walking through the walls or the footsteps being heard on the grounds are very common in those old constructed castles in England. In addition, forts and hotels have taken second place in the world to secure positions in the most haunted places worldwide. Some paranormal investigators have even found these places filled with demons and unknown black entities, which adds to the eeriness.

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A good tourist spot

You have been on tour, and no matter whichever place you choose to travel to, the location is sure to have some haunted sites. People have always found these spooky places exciting, giving them the chance to go on a ghost tour. Any location in the world needs to have at least one spot where the nearby residents have reported paranormal activities. Different tourism boards have to go along with these infamous esoteric sites as it attracts equal numbers of people annually as any other historical site or Disneyland. 

People have always been tempted by the unknown, which makes these spooky places popular tourist sites. You do not have to visit these places at night, as various tour guides have set a time limit to go through the sites and learn about the history that led to the spookiness in the first place. But even if your dad or your cousin is not a fan of paranormal activities or finds it uncomfortable to visit an area with the infamous reputation of ghost sightings, these spookiest locations are still worth your time.

The reputation of being haunted

Usually, these places have lots of historical facts, beautiful architecture, and jaw-dropping backgrounds for any tourist to love. If the haunting title is kept aside by the guide for some time, these historical places have fascinating histories, connecting many unknown mysterious dots. History has always been bloody, and people have always been intolerant of each other in the past. So, these historical places have gained the infamous reputation of being haunted.

Below is the list of the most haunted places in the world, which have earned the reputation of being eerie and the subject of many paranormal activities. If you like to visit any of these places, you can see them any day of the year. Well, not all haunted places have to be called just on October 31.

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Hoia-Baciu Forest, Romania

First comes this shady forest which has even inspired movies like the Blair-Witch project. The ranking of this forest is on the top, knowing the numerous spooky stories surrounding it. There was a time when a military technician captured a photograph of a UFO hovering over the mysteriously dark forest back in 1968. That was enough for the people worldwide to make one plus one as two. The forest got the tagline of being haunted by various residents and later by various paranormal experts.

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The forbidden forest

Hoia-Baciu forest has gained popularity for its immense paranormal notoriety around the world. Legends say people who have once entered the forest never came out of it. Talks are also there that no gadgets work within the woods and that it is one of the most untouched forests in the world. Romanian local people know about the various ghost stories surrounding this forest and do not venture out in it at any given time of their life.

The infamous portal

The Romanians have even said that the forest is a portal that causes visitors to the woods to disappear forever. There have been stories of people previously entering the forest to investigate the legends but never coming back. So, it is known as the infamous replica of the Bermuda Triangle, which sucks in things faster than the black hole.

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The otherworldly experiences

According to various media outlets, those who have passed through the forest or even went close to the forest have faced some heaviness in the air. The energy around the forest is considered pretty harmful. Many people who have gone into close quarters of the woods without being zapped into another realm have faced various side effects like hallucinations, hearing voices, and feeling like somebody is trying to possess them.

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The supernatural incidents

Usually, paranormal experts do not prefer venturing into the forest as the spooky curved trees and the dense air does not give any positive vibe. There have been earlier descriptions of people getting rashes, feeling nausea, and having feelings of terrible anxiety and depression. Some people even said that the forest holds various suicides as people lose their minds and take their lives for not being able to find their way out. 

Many experts believe the forest is known as the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania. Moreover, due to the legend, the forest has remained untouched for many years, increasing the greenery inside the forest. Moreover, there are no animals inside the hugely dense forest. Not a bird lurks around the green landscape, which also adds to the eerie atmosphere.

Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

The hotel was built to boost the tourists in the country. However, it has earned a more infamous reputation than its purpose of construction to be served by the tourism department. The hotel was constructed in 1888 to encourage tourism, especially for foreigners. The hotel has also boosted the increase in the sale of train tickets, especially back in the early 20th Century.

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The diabolical presence

People love old architecture and buildings but love the most when these ancient architectures are wrapped in diabolical energies. However, the sinister factor attached to the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel did not go away with time. Instead, this chateau-style hotel, which sits pretty by the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park, has gained more popularity due to its paranormal factors. People love old architecture and buildings but love the most when these ancient architectures are wrapped in diabolical energies. The hotel has gained more tourists after it went through paranormal sightings over time. 

Even though various historians have been talking about the fantabulous architecture, the diabolical factor attached to it cannot be unseen. But it is not all spooky and eerie; during the daytime, if you enter the premises, you will see a tad more Gothic touch around. Tourists who have at least once stepped inside the hotel have felt the negative energy everywhere. A new outlet in Canada has reported that staff working in that hotel have witnessed several resident ghosts.

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Paranormal activities

Now, the diabolical factor does not end there. The paranormal activities are much more active during the evening, although no specific time-bound exists. The team has seen things moving on their own and apparitions walking down the hallways, including a bride who fell down the rocky staircase and died during her wedding.

Spirit of a bellman

There has been a less tragic spirit - Sam the bellman. Now this bellman is pretty famous for his infamous lurking around the rooms and hallways and scaring the people away. Sam, the bellman, worked at the hotel until 1975 and was a devoted employee. He claimed he would return to haunt the premises during his final hours. However, his ghost is still under the dedicated duty towards the hotel. 

He supposedly pulls out shifts suddenly around various times of the day and helps people with their bags before completely disappearing. People have found it scary as an apparition is moving their bags and luggage, and suddenly disappearing can cause tension. However, paranormal experts approved these apparitions to be present within the hotel premises and confirmed that there are more spirits within the hotel walls.

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Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, PA

The castle-like Eastern State Penitentiary has earned its infamous reputation as one of the most haunted places because of its horrible history. Prisoners were exposed to acute torture, and the Penitentiary was known for its brutal rules and inhuman treatment of the prisoners. The Penitentiary was known for its hardened solitary confinement. The prison system took the whole solitary imprisonment to new levels when it was built in 1829. Prisoners were exposed to acute torture, and the Penitentiary was known for its brutal rules and inhuman treatment of the prisoners.

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The history of the confinement

Solitary confinement is the maximum punishment given to a prisoner who has committed unspeakable crimes and has been an embarrassment to society and the government. Back then, prisoners in Eastern State Penitentiary lived alone, exercised, and ate alone. They were given tasks that they did alone, and in this way, the inmates spent years and years and sometimes decades in this infamous solitary confinement. It was all-male solitary confinement and had been reported for its paranormal activities over time.

The prison has housed various types of prisoners over the 19th and early 20th centuries, and many have died there. When a convict left his cell, a guard would cover his head with a hood so he couldn't see where he would be going, and others could not see him. So, technically none of the inmates knew the total geographical area of the Penitentiary. The prison had to abandon its solitary confinement system due to overcrowding in 1913.

Prisoners exposed to Inhuman torture

The brutal treatments were the reason many prisoners failed to survive in this prison; as a result, they were not able to complete their jail sentences. The various forms of punishment were so severe that survival was almost impossible. Some restrictions were slacked but did not include the inhuman conditions the prisoners were exposed to on the prison premises. Some of them included chaining an inmate's tongue to his wrists which was unspeakable.

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A famous tourist spot

Philadelphia is famous for this Penitentiary as it has reached the top rank among the world’s most visited tourist spots. However, it closed for good in 1970 but afterward earned the title of being haunted. Thanks to the haunting sightings attached to the prison, the site now welcomes thousands of visitors annually for its famous museum and the popular Halloween celebrations.

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The paranormal sightings

However, various reports have been done regarding the paranormal happenings that included disembodied laughter from the previous prisoners, different shadowy figures seen lurking around the corridors, and the pacing footsteps of the correctional officers could also be heard by the people who have entered the premises previously.

Bhangarh Fort, India

Forts in India have their history; some are so old that seeing some apparition roaming around is not unusual. One of such infamous haunted forts is Bhangarh Fort in India. The Fort is inaccessible after the sun goes down as people who have entered the Fort after dusk has gone through various paranormal experiences and shame have even seen apparitions and heard the sounds of bangles and anklets around the courtyards of the Fort.

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The infamous hauntings

The Fort is located just 100 miles southwest of Delhi; however, due to the infamous haunted tagline, it is not maintained nor taken care of by the government. Indians are already superstitious enough to keep this Fort at bay, let alone not venturing out around this Fort at night. There are so many stories of ghost sightings regarding the Bhangarh fort that they couldn’t transform it into a tourist spot. The locals do not prefer talking about the Fort and do not like getting anywhere near it, even during the day.

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The curse of the wizard

So, the Fort is a combination of lush ruins. However, it does make up for a curious juxtaposition for the paranormal experts against the desert landscape of Rajasthan. Even today, the oasis near the Fort remains uninhabited; legends say that an indignant wizard cast an alleged curse. This wizard fell for a local princess staying at the Bhangarh Fort and wanted to marry her, but she rebuffed his advances. This rejection angered the wizard, causing him to curse the water of the oasis.

Visitors do witness spirits

People out there are very superstitious and say that after the wizard cursed, not many residents of the Fort lived. Their untimely death has caused the place to be haunted by their unsatisfied spirits roaming around the inner rooms. However, people can visit the site if they prefer to motivate their trips based on spirituality rather than concentrating on the haunted tagline. However, the visitors are suggested to salute the sun during a session of pre-dusk yoga if they venture into the site.

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Chateau de Brissac, Brissac-Quincé, France

Château de Brissac has earned international popularity for being one of the top haunted places in the world. Being one of the tallest castles in France, it is known for its spooky sightings and various other ghost stories. The seven-story Château de Brissac is supposedly best known as the home of The Green Lady, which is the apparition of Charlotte of France. Legends go on with many stories, but paranormal experts have felt the presence of negative entities within the castle walls.

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The story of Charlotte

The chateau's website tells the fable of Charlotte: she was the illegitimate daughter of King Charles VII and was one of the favorite daughters of the King and the Queen. However, he wanted her daughter to get married to Jacques de Brézé. He was an honorable noble to the court, and King Charles VII was impressed with his loyal service. However, Charlotte’s arranged marriage to Jacques de Brézé was not good. He was more into hunting and going long distances to attend to the estates of their Kingdom.

The alleged affair

Charlotte was more accustomed to the court life and sophistication, making her feel forlorn for not getting her husband closer to her for months. However, soon she started an affair with a handsome hunter, Pierre de Lavergne, to fill in her unhappy times with this young and passionate lover. However, the castle attendees knew about the affair, but her husband was unaware of it. One day after coming back from his long and exhausting hunting, he was shocked to find his wife with her lover in his bed.

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The killing of Charlotte

In a fit of rage, her husband murdered her along with the lover right on that bed. He could not take on the fact after he discovered his wife having an affair on his back. However, Jacques de Brézé left the Castle afterward due to the constant wailing of her ghostly wife lurking in the chapel and the chateau rooms. Charlotte wore a green gown when she was murdered, and her mutilated body was never found.

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The paranormal activities

Paranormal experts and ghost hunters had seen Charlotte roaming around the Castle in the green dress she wore when her husband killed her. So, she has earned herself the name of the Green Lady. Pierre de Lavergne was said to move on quickly to the other realm. Still, Charlotte can be found roaming the chapel's tower room, moaning about her lover's death and cursing her murderous husband, especially in the early morning.

Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, CO

Hotels have always played an essential role in the history of being one of the haunted destinations worldwide. One such famous hotel is the Stanley Hotel. The hotel is located in Estes Park, reflects Georgian architecture, and is renowned for its world-renowned whiskey bar.

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The inspiration for a novel

The infamous reputation of the hotel has lured travelers to Estes Park since the hotel authorities opened it in 1909. Still, the hotel became famous and inspired Stephen King to create The Shining movie’s fictional antagonist, the Overlook Hotel. Over the years, the Stanley Hotel has had loads of paranormal history; it leans into its infamous reputation with the sightings of nightly ghosts. Many visitors on night tours inside the hotel have encountered some paranormal activity.

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The supernatural elements

Visitors could hear some mysterious piano music in the dead of night, connected to the embodied piano player staying in the hotel. Even if that eerie association is kept aside, many visitors and the previous hotel staff have reported ghost sightings and apparitions floating around from room to room. The hotel is also famous for the psychic consultations from the in-house Madame Vera, who gives you a message from the spirits lurking around the premises.

La Recoleta Cemetery, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where people have rested at peace is sometimes the place of unrest souls levitating. One such Cemetery where souls have ultimately seen unrest is the La Recoleta Cemetery, located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The Cemetery is known to be spooky by the local legends, and negative entities are felt by the paranormal experts in and around the graves. The local people and the Cemetery guards could see various ghostly sightings at different times of the day and night.

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The unfulfilled wishes

Some souls find it very difficult to pass over, especially when many unfulfilled desires tie them down. Others feel scared to move on and hang on to the place where their graves have been placed by their family members. You do not have to be sacred to be overwhelmed by La Recoleta Cemetery. It is a vast arena with thousands of majestic statues, beautiful mausoleums, and fairytale grottoes. However, each of this architecture has a story wrapped around it.

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The feeling of eeriness

There are also elaborate tombstones of various famous figures of Argentina, and the remains of Argentina's most iconic figure, the first lady of Argentina - Eva Perón. However, the Cemetery is known for its spookiness and many apparitions seen by the visitors, even though the Cemetery is famous for its architectural beauty. The stone walkways and labyrinth of mausoleums have the touch of old beauty; nevertheless, one cannot ignore the feeling of eeriness around the graves.

The ghost of David Allen

La Recoleta Cemetery has a few haunted legends which carry on till now. One of the most famous haunted stories involves David Alleno. He was a former grave-digger and caretaker of the Cemetery and worked there for three decades before committing suicide. Many experts have determined that suicide has caused the spread of negative energy surrounding the Cemetery. Even today, local people report hearing David Alleno's invisible keys jingling as his ghost walks through the pathways at dawn.

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Tower of London, England

One of the notable haunted locations on the planet has become home to the infamous Tower of London. People call it an uncompromising fortress as it has been the execution place for many historical figures. The infamous Tower of London was constructed by the Normandy Duke William the Conqueror in 1066 and had a history of bloody executions.

The Tower of London has had many operations previously. The Tudors used it for their assistance. However, the Tower precedes its infamous reputation for its bloody history as a royal prison cell and execution site for many royal offenders. Henry VIII, the notorious Tudor, is famously known to have subjected his two wives to treason and infidelity and ordered their execution in this Tower. Those were the times when capital punishment was the first job of the monarchy.

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The sightings of Anne Boleyn

The two majesties, Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard received a death sentence from their husband, King Henry VIII, and he executed them in the Tower. Legends say that eerie apparitions can lurk around the Tower's corridors. Some say it is the unsatisfied ghost of Anne Boleyn who lurks in the chapel and the Tower at various times of the day. Different royal guards have sighted a beheaded woman in a gown levitated from the floor floating through the walls of the Tower. 

A bad feeling always lurks around the Tower after the implementation of the death sentence of the former Queen of England - Anne Boleyn. Even the prison cell where Anne Boleyn was kept during her last days before her execution is said to be colder than the other rooms. Previously many royal members who stayed in the Tower post the commission of the death sentence felt suffocating, especially at night. Various Tudors' guards and royal descendants have seen the beheaded Queen's apparition with a procession of Knights and other nobles who were also executed with her.

Two young princes

The Tower of England has also earned its evil reputation for imprisoning two young princes. These young princes were detained after the death of their father, King Edward IV. However, they disappeared shortly after in 1483, and it was assumed the usurper had executed them. However, historians found their remains in 1647. These young spirits are also seen lurking around the corner of the Tower at various times, but not as frequently as Anne Boleyn.

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Jazirat Al Hamra, United Arab Emirates

Well, every territory has a history, every record has a mystery, and every secret has a story. The middle east has its own stories to tell to the world. One of the most haunted places on the planet includes the nearly-abandoned town of Jazirat Al Hamra. It is infamously known for its ghost sightings and haunting shadows. There are no residents in the village due to evil entities within the town premises.

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The rise and fall of the town

The abandoned town is about fourteen miles southwest of Ras Al Khaimah in northern UAE. The city is between a large mall and a massive waterpark, so it is easy to detect on the map. However, the evil reputation of the town still precedes time. The city was established in the 14th Century, and it was a habitable and crowded town that grew into a thriving pearl fishing village. The village saw its prosperity in the 1830s; however, due to various unprecedented reasons, slowly and rapidly, it was abandoned in 1968.

The presence of ghosts

The abandoned village, part of a city in northern UAE, consists of dirt roads, thirteen abandoned mosques, and more than three hundred coral-and-mud houses. The locals claim that the visitors are bound to experience strange noises when they enter the town. However, visitors have witnessed some resident spirits who could not move to the other realm.

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The presence of Djinns

Through psychic evaluation, various ghost hunters have come across chilling apparitions, which have been recognized as djinns or genies. Now loads of people have seen these djinns taking the form of animals and lurking around the abandoned huts.

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St. Augustine Lighthouse, FL

The Saint Augustine high towered Lighthouse is one of the most haunted places in the world. However, it has also earned the reputation of being a famous tourist spot. The ranking of the world’s most haunted places also includes a Lighthouse list. 

Surprisingly the Lighthouse is visited by nearly 225,000 people annually. But, some of them have come across apparitions and ghosts loitering around the Lighthouse. The Lighthouse has contributed to the numerous alleged paranormal activity occurring at different times of the day and night; ghost hunters and visitors have reported various ghostly sightings. St Augustine Lighthouse is well-known for its other realm visitors throughout Florida.

Several tragic events are tied to the Lighthouse, even though it is considered by Florida tourism a historic site. Legends say that the ghost of a previous lighthouse keeper lurks around the walls and the stairs. This specific lighthouse keeper fell to his death while he was engaged in painting the Tower. However, over the years, he has been spotted watching over the grounds and even taking care of the Lighthouse as one of his duties.

The death of young girls

Following the death of the lighthouse keeper, various other tragic incidents have taken away young lives over time. The horrific death of three young girls was the most talked about incident in St Augustine. The young girls drowned when the cart they were playing with suddenly broke down directly and fell into the ocean. The girls could not survive due to the current of the water.

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The spirits of the little girls

Many visitors have claimed to hear the unembodied sounds of children playing in and around the Lighthouse. Ghost hunters have concluded that the spirits of the young girls lurk around the Lighthouse for failing to move on to the other realm.

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Whaley House, San Diego, CA

The Whaley House in San Diego has earned its reputation for being one of the most haunted places in the world. Thomas Whaley constructed this family mansion in 1857; however, the workers did the construction on a former site of San Diego's foremost general gallows. So, it was apparent the land itself was filled with evil energy. Ghost stories still circulate in California regarding the Whaley house.

Once the estate was completed, the Whaley family moved into the estate. However, shortly after moving in, supernatural things started to take place around the estate. The Whaley family reported hearing the infamous Yankee's heavy footsteps, aka Jim Robinson. Jim Robinson was a drifter and thief hanged on the public gallows site four years before they built the family estate. 

Sadly, the evil energy took over the Whaley family, eroding their lives in the house. Whaley's family history screams various tragic deaths and numerous suicides. The paranormal experts have said menacing energy is found in the atmosphere of the estate, which might lead to hallucinations, anxiety, depression, and even death. So, it was not unusual that many of the Whaley family members' deaths occurred inside the home.

Sightings of the hauntings

Nevertheless, these unfateful deaths have led to many spirits stuck in the worldly realm. According to the Whaley House Museum, some deceased family members still haunt the landmark. Visitors, guards, and museum authorities often see these apparitions accompanied by cigar smoke and the whiff of traditional heavy cologne.

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Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

Scotland’s most attractive tourist spot is none other than Edinburgh Castle. Edinburgh Castle is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Scotland’s capital city worldwide. The Castle has a vast history with centuries-old kings, queens, and other royal delegates staying within the walls. However, it is also regarded as one of the most haunted places on our planet.

Edinburgh Castle has undergone many reconstructions; however, some sections date back to the early 12th Century. The fortress has faced many wars and sieges since its construction in the 11th Century. Since it has housed numerous generations of Kings, Queens, Princes, and Princesses, it has also kept numerous prisoners under the Castle in various dungeons. 

Some historians have even claimed that a portion of the Castle existed in the Iron Age and that people lived there. However, little is known about the whereabouts dating back 1000 years. Shadowy figures are lurking in the corners and the Castle's rooms. Some apparitions are unrecognizable, as they might be from the 12th Century to the early 19th Century. Half of the spirits date back to the 13th and 14th Centuries.

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The various sightings of ghosts

The historic fortress has gone through various attacks, so it still holds the ancient dungeons that the castle owners used to capture the war prisoners. The emperors kept the latter in the dungeons from the American Revolutionary War; Different guards, visitors, and the staff at the National War museum inside the Castle have reported eerie sightings of the previous colonial prisoners. Some ghost hunters could detect the loitering of French prisoners' apparitions who might belong to the Seven Years' War.

The animal ghosts can be seen

The Castle has witnessed loads of murders, executions, and killings, so the presence of some ghosts from the medieval period is not unusual. Not only that but paranormal sightings have also been seen in the form of animals. Some people have come across the ghost of a particular dog wandering around the Castle's dog cemetery. 

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