Russian Olighars' mansion was occupied by squatters

Russian Olighars' mansion was occupied by squatters

Updated on March 16, 2022 13:30 PM by Andrew Koschiev

The push in the ladder 

The protestor tried to push the ladder who wanted to enter the mansion in London. Since the last week, settlers occupied Belgrave, and now they have occupied the London mansion.

Squatters belong to 

The team and the settlers utterly belonged to the Belongs to billionaire in London.The settlers have been posting the banner in front of the mansion's balcony, saying that the property has been liberated.

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Officers entered the mansion

The police officers, without any prior notice, entered the mansion to spot the squatters.Police have been spotted the special military operation called Kremlin. Deripaska has been in the states.

London high court documents 

The documents from the London court have identified Depriska as the owner of the building.One man started gesturing the squatter's action in the town inside.

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The plan from the officer 

The officers planned to enter the mansion immediately to the estate without any prior intimations.The officers stand before the car to abide by squatters' actions in front of the mansion.

They didn't respond to the comment 

The officers tried to speak with the oligarchs, but they didn't respond to their action or any plan.Police officers started to stand to watch them entirely and about their plans.

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