The content of the Bible, 'All Boys Aren't Blue,' has been reviewed by an elementary school district in Texas

The content of the Bible, 'All Boys Aren't Blue,' has been reviewed by an elementary school district in Texas

Updated on August 18, 2022 15:59 PM by Anthony Christian

41 books have been removed from the library shelves following the approval of a review of the instructional content guidelines by the district's board of trustees. This review will be carried out by the district's library administrators. There are several books on Keller Independent School District library shelves that have been requested to be removed, including Anne Frank's Diary, the Bible, and All Boys Aren't Blue. An official with Keller ISD has stated that campus staff and librarians are being asked to review the challenged books to ensure that they meet the school's newly approved policies for challenged materials.

The Keller ISD Board of Trustees held a special meeting on August 8, 2022, to approve the EFA and EFB policies. Keller ISD is requesting that staff and librarians of the campuses evaluate the books challenged last year, to determine whether they are compliant with the new policy. These books are all listed on the district's Book Challenge list and will be reviewed by Keller ISD's administration.

As confirmed by the spokesperson, books that comply with the new policies will be returned to libraries as soon as they have been confirmed to comply with the new policies. The Keller ISD offers the possibility of challenging a textbook or instructional resource. For their assessment, a committee looked for both "educationally appropriate" and "pervasively vulgar" texts. According to the district's website, "Gender Queer: A Memoir" will no longer be available on its campuses pending the outcome of a legal challenge that was filed in November 2021. "All Boys Aren't Blue" will remain in high school libraries as well as classroom libraries throughout the district.

Charles Randklev, Keller ISD's president, claimed on social media that the district is banning books like the Bible and Anne Frank. As per the updated policy, Randklev said those books will be reviewed according to content guidelines pending board approval. The board recently approved new policies for instructional materials that protect children from sexually explicit content, which are now in our schools."

According to Randklev, schools must approve the Texas Education Agency's policy regarding library content. This requires the district to re-evaluate instructional materials previously challenged by the community. As a result, Randklev believes that children shouldn't read books like "Gender Queer" or "All Boys Aren't Blue," since they contain "graphic, gratuitous, and sexually explicit content." There have been several concerns expressed by parents over the book "Gender Queer" due to its graphic depictions of sexual acts between a boy and a man.

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