The City’s Historic Heart Famous for Its Vibrant Nightlife Refers to the French Quarter

The City’s Historic Heart Famous for Its Vibrant Nightlife Refers to the French Quarter

Published on November 05, 2021 09:00 AM by Dhinesh

A melting point of French, African, and American influences, New Orleans offers a rich history and vibrant culture, unlike any other city. At its heart is the French Quarter, a 300-year-old neighborhood that’s also a National Historic Landmark.

The French Quarter is world-famous for its architecture, restaurants, and landmarks, not to mention its parties for great activities, like the annual Mardi Gas celebration. All in all, the French Quarter helps make New Orleans one of the most unique cities in the United States.

What’s the motto of New Orleans?

You need only a passing interest in New Orleans to be aware of its proud, carefree approach to life. The motto of New Orleans is “laissez les bon temps rouler”, crude English to Cajun-French translation of “let the good times roll,” and a prime example of why sentiment should always take precedence over grammar.

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Bright colors are very Caribbean

NOLA is referred to as the “Northernmost city in the Caribbean.” Before New Orleans was a successful New World Venture, the French colonies in the Caribbean were much more profitable. This huge migration of newly freed people of color people brings with them voodoo, rum, and music, and culture.

The use of ironwork did not appear in New Orleans until the city was rebuilt by the Spanish, who chose non-combustible materials to prevent the city from burning. The popular and practical use of courtyards and lovely archways in doors and windows are also prominent examples of Spanish influence.

A lesser-known Mafia history

What do you think of when you think of Mafia? Cities like New York and Chicago, most likely Romanticized depictions of mob life from movies and TV shows, perhaps. New Orleans is the first serious mafia incident in the United States was recorded in the city. It remains one of the largest known lynchings in American history.

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The spiritual home of jazz

Jazz was a culmination of so many things, you would have to write a book about it to even scratch the surface of where jazz started. But one thing is for sure it came from New Orleans. Jazz was born out of natural cultural alchemy, a product of emotion, community, joy, and struggle that evolved over many years.

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What makes New Orleans Cemeteries special?

The phrase ‘six feet under’ doesn’t apply in New Orleans. Should you have sipped your final cocktail in the Big Easy, your final resting place could well be in one of the city’s famous above-ground necropolises.

The cemeteries of New Orleans are gated communities for those no longer with us. Being at or below sea level, burying the dead below ground came with a whole load of soggy consequences. The solution was to build tombs and mausoleums in town-like graveyards.

Best known of New Orleans!!!

Its very popular Bourbon street was named after the French Bourbon dynasty, not the whiskey. One of the few cities in America New Orleans to have lived under three different flags the French, the Spanish, and then the French again before being sold to the United States.

Bus Station full of Art

Some of the best and most historic murals in the city can be found in bus stations. The Greyhound station houses amazing murals depicting Louisiana history. They were painted by Conrad Albirizio from 1951 to 1954.

Whether or not you’ve been before, I hope these cool facts make you want to head on down to the Big Easy.

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