Surprising! Powerful women on Earth who were just considered for their beauty

Surprising! Powerful women on Earth who were just considered for their beauty

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No matter what, women are still blamed for any man’s distraction - if a woman fails to keep a man’s attention, her beauty is useless; on the other hand, if a woman draws the attention of a married man, her beauty is evil.

Women have consistently been ranked based on their beauty and influence on men.


Pharaoh Cleopatra was born in 69 B.C in Egypt to royal blood, though her mother’s identity is unknown. History considers this woman the most beautiful woman on Earth to date.

However, she has been blamed as the seductress who ruled Egypt by influencing men, including Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony.

Cleopatra has never been credited for her three decades of rule in Egypt, building an army, and defeating her brother Ptolemy XIII, who banished her to a desert.

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Cleopatra - the ruler

Cleopatra's Emperor-father's untimely death in 51 B.C left 18 years old Cleopatra and her ten years old brother Ptolemy XIII, the co-rulers of Egypt.

However, due to the custom, Cleopatra married Ptolemy XIII and sat on the throne as a Pharaoh, which created a massive uproar among the senators of Egypt.

The senators convinced Ptolemy XIII to banish Cleopatra as he was the rightful heir to the throne.

Cleopatra defeated her brother

When Cleopatra was banished in 49 B.C, she landed up with Roman Military general Julius Caesar and built an army to defeat her brother and regain her throne. In the meantime, Julius Caesar and Cleopatra went into a non-conjugal relationship, and a child was born out of wedlock in 47 B.C.

Cleopatra named the child Caesarion and made him the heir in line to the Egyptian throne after her.

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Pharaoh Cleopatra’s brilliance

Cleopatra is only known for her beauty rather than her immense talents, which include being intelligent and multilingual. She successfully strengthened the trading relationship between Rome and Egypt and made Egypt escape famine.

However, historians always blamed the lady for using witchcraft and sleeping with men, shadowing her accomplishments and brilliance as a Pharaoh

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Her contribution is always overlooked

Cleopatra is known as a beautiful woman on Earth rather than an intelligent ruler who people loved in her Kingdom. The lady leader survived Egyptians from floods and the falling economy, giving every person security and safety from the outer enemies.

She was a skilled diplomat who knew how to maintain a Kingdom and follow all the Kingship rules. Her advisers were consistently impressed by her ruling capability compared to all the male Pharaohs in Egyptian history. 


Russia has seen one of the best female leaders in Catherine during the early 18th Century. However, all Catherine is known for is her numerous male lovers, covering that Catherine’s Prince Husband had a whole army of mistresses at his instruction.

Catherine the Great expanded Russia’s territory to over 200,000 square miles and fought numerous enemies in her era. She was successful in defeating the Ottoman Empire back in the 18th Century.

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One of the most outstanding Russian leaders

Catherine, the fourth greatest Tzar of Russia, remodeled twenty-nine provinces and constructed over a hundred towns for Russian. She also made a trading bond between Russia and Prussia. One of the longest ruling leaders in Russia, Catherine reorganized the legal system and even constructed the education and art system of the colossal continent.

However, she was the choice of her mother-in-law, who chose her for her son Peter III. 

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Fantastical political leader and diplomat

Pathetically, history disowns the fact that she was a fantastic political leader and a diplomat with a fierce Russian army at her disposal.

Her ruling over three decades is considered the golden time for Russia and made the continent a promising and dominant territory in Southeastern Europe. Unfortunately, history remembers her as a woman with many lovers with insatiable sexual hunger.

Sophie on her way to becoming Catherine

Catherine was born Sophie Friederike Auguste in Prussia in May 1729.

Today Prussia is known as Poland; however, the territorial relationship between these two territories back then was perfect because of her.

Catherine was a Princess and was taken to Russia by her mother to find a suitable groom for her. Russian is a very harsh language, but Sophie Friederike Auguste worked hard to learn the language and soon became Catherine.

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Catherine wed the Prince

The Empress of Russia then chose Catherine for her son, who was the heir to the Russian Empire. Technically she was the legal wife of Peter III and had a right to the Russian throne.

Nevertheless, after the death of the Empress, Peter III maltreated Catherine and wanted to get rid of her. Catherine’s first child Paul was heir to the throne. Still, nobody dared question Catherine about the father because Peter III had enough illegal children from his mistresses to form an army.

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Catherine’s exceptional qualities

Catherine was a scholar and even was multilingual, a beauty with brains. She raised a coup in July 1962 and overthrew Peter III, who was too busy frolicking around with his mistresses than ruling a giant Empire.

Peter III died of heart stroke, but historians who hated women rulers stamped Catherine as the murderer of her husband. But, that did not stop Catherine from raising an army and forming an alliance with the neighboring territories. 

Jackie Mitchell

The first female baseball pitcher was born Verne Mitchell on August 29, 1913, in Tennessee.

She started playing very young and learned how to throw a perfect drop ball from the Baseball king of the 1920s - Dazzy Vance. Jackie went on to join a Minor league team, and her outstanding pitching skills drew the attention of the Chattanooga Lookouts. 

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Jackie’s skills against Babe Ruth

The New York Daily News made 17 years old Jackie Mitchell the headlines with the curves and good looks rather than a baseball player with immense pitching skills in an all-men team.

The only professional female pitcher at the time was thrown against the New York Yankees' all-time baseball hit sluggers Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig. She was a fantastic pitcher and struck them out for the first time.

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Jackie Mitchell went down in history

That day in the exhibition game, the New York Yankees won, but Jackie Mitchell went down in history for being the professional female pitcher who never got the credit for her skills.

Rather than being a woman, she was demoralized and thrown out of the contract of Chattanooga Lookouts, and people destroyed her professional career as a baseball player.

They destroyed Jackie Mitchell’s career

The media played it down and said that Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig were not in the proper form of playing. Babe Ruth even said that women are delicate enough to play hardcore games like Baseball as it can kill them.

They stopped Jackie Mitchell’s career as a sportsperson intentionally to save the male chauvinism of the then society. The whole Babe Ruth getting struck out was a hoax as no witness would come against those legendary tantrum thrower Baseball players. 

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