Strange Thing, But A World Record Recognized By Guinness World Record Team

Strange Thing, But A World Record Recognized By Guinness World Record Team

Updated on December 13, 2021 11:43 AM by Anthony Christian

The book that gives the wonderful space for the people who have been doing a record-breaking achievement as the world's best is the Guinness World Records. Though more people and organizations won a special place in the Guinness World Records, a few top achievements will stunned you. So if you are willing to wonder about the world records in the Guinness book, then make your time accessible for a few minutes to read the details given on this page.

Giant In Size, Innocent In Heart

Zeus was the tallest dog which is a record holder in the Guinness World Record book. The height of Zeus was 1.12 meters, and while standing with his hind legs, he was 2.2 m. Though Zeus was the tallest dog, it is so innocent which scared off the measuring tape like a baby while measuring its height for the world record.  

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Big Onion That Makes All Over The Kitchen To Cry

 While peeling the onions, definitely the peeler will drop the tears from the eyes. Though the small onion can make the peeler cry, then the giant onion should have the ability to make the kitchen crying. There is a big onion grown by the gardener Tony Glover, which is one of the Guinness World Recorders due to its big size and weight of 8.5 kg.

Along With Getting Place In Prison, Got A Place In Guinness World Record Book

You may know about the gang with old age men who will go walking in the park during morning or evening. But do you know the gang of old age criminals belongs to the gang of fake money printing? In British, they were a gang with eight men of senior citizens, who were made a Guinness record of the oldest criminal gang.

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Tigers Are Terror, But He Is Record Holding Giant Cute Cat

Not all cats are cute. The tigers which are looking terror, are also a cat category. But there is a giant and sweet tiger that made a Guinness World Record of largest living cat. The name of the largest living cat is Hercules, and his weight is 418.2 kg. As well his look and measurements will prove that he is a giant cat.

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AAAAAAHHHHHHH !! Big Mouth Which Elongate Widely

 Francisco Domingo Joaquim "Chiquinho" is a Guiness World Recorder by his mouth. Not a speaking talent, but with the ability to spread widely. His widest mouth had measured 17 cm.

Looks Funny? But It a World Record

Teasing friends while having big ears, noses, or eyes that are unusual than others is common. While looking at the cartoon creatures with big noses, the majority of people will enjoy the show by looking at the funny look of that character. But in real life, the big nose of Mehmet Özyürek is not a fun fact; it's a Guinness World Record as the nose size is measured at 8.8 cm.

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