The state-funded media in Russia are blocking access to channels

The state-funded media in Russia are blocking access to channels

Updated on March 16, 2022 11:56 AM by Ella Bina

YouTube announced

On Friday, Russian-state funded media began to block access globally to the channels citing a policy barring content that denies or documented violent events.Video platforms had previously blocked Russia Today and Sputnik's channels and across Europe.

Platform owned by Google

Russia's invasion of Ukraine fell under violent events policy, and thus the violating material are removed.YouTube blocking is not a new turn of an attack. It is a fundamental principle of a democratic society that refers to the freedom of the press.

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Russian channels

Workers of Google urged YouTube to take additional measures against Russian channels, accusing them of spreading false statements about Ukrainian and the war of death.Some restrictions placed on distributors by Russian state media include app stores, unjustified censorship, and other social media services.

Blocked the access of Facebook

Last week the Russian government blocked the access of Facebook. These blocks further limit most Russians outside the information of war.On Friday, Russia moved to block Instagram after parent company Meta that calls for violence against Vladimir Putin.

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