People are pushed into hunger! Ukrainian grain shipped out as huge relief!

People are pushed into hunger! Ukrainian grain shipped out as huge relief!

Updated on August 05, 2022 20:19 PM by Anna P

Shipment of grain!

Since the early days of the Russian war in Ukraine, the first shipment of grain was when the Razoni left the Ukrainian port of Odesa. There have been signs of relief from Somalia to Turkey, Indonesia, and China, which rely on Ukrainian grain to meet their daily needs. 

People in hunger!

This year the record was so high that more than 20 million metric tons of Ukrainian wheat and corn were trapped in Odesa. Millions of people were hungry as the Russian blockade fueled soaring grain commodity prices. Pandemic-related disruptions, the climate crisis, conflict, and food export restrictions eased grain prices.

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Food insecurity!

Laura Wellesley, a senior research fellow at Chatham House's environment and society program, said there might be a rise in food prices that peaks at the food insecurity. Hunger increased massively in 2019; 135 million people are in food insecurity, and in 2022 345 million people are in food insecurity. This refers to 50 million people in 45 countries knocking on famine doors.

Political destabilization!

Today's food price spikes crisis is far worse compared to 2007 to 2008 and 2010 to 2012, which fueled riots around the world during the revolution period of the Middle East. Political destabilization was witnessed in the riots of Sri Lanka, Chad, Burkina, and Faso. Protests are taking place in Kenya, Pakistan, Peru, and Indonesia, where the signs of things are getting worse.

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Hotspots of Hunger!

A 4-year drought in the horn of Africa has led to food insecurity and starvation. The record levels of malnutrition failed because wheat prices were doubling, and many economic crises fell from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Economic crisis!      

The result of poverty, conflict, and drought loomed in Afghanistan. People who are below average led to unprecedented levels of hunger. People in Somalia and Afghanistan can access food but are under a worsening climatic crisis. Crop-producing regions like Europe and North America have faced droughts that cause to raise food prices.

Food exporters!

North Africa, especially Morocco, is facing a drought that impacts the ability of crops. Ukraine is one of the largest exporters of food in the country that replaces the cost so high. The country needs importers for structural reasons where the consumption is higher than production. In the future, things will worsen because of massive weather conditions, drought, and climatic crises.

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Ukraine production!

Ukraine's wheat production is about 40%, which is too low because the fields are impacted by war. The country is in an early cold pattern and dryness, so it is harder to get fertilizers and pesticides. Grains of Ukraine are missing because of difficult exporting and low production. This will leads to food insecurity. France is also one of the major wheat exporters. They also produce only 8% of wheat due to climatic crisis.

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Pandemic condition!

In China, the inflationary pressure and global food prices began to rise and are also in high demand. They are facing issues in balancing between supply and demand of rising prices. People working in large sectors lose their savings during lockdowns. People in Brazil are facing high food insecurity. In 2021, 36% of Brazilians were at risk of hunger.

Most dependent countries!

The war between Ukraine and Russia caused many other neighboring countries to lose. Europe depends on Russian gas with exposed vulnerabilities. Countries like Egypt, Somalia, Congo, Turkey, and Tanzania depend on Russian and Ukraine wheat as the two nations buy the grain exclusively.

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The supply chain!

India is the world's largest sugar producer with limited sugar exports to 10 million tons and wheat exports banned. Export restrictions in more than 20 countries are dashing hopes, and the price has also increased in the global market.

The price of fertilizers becomes high!

The major suppliers of fertilizers are Russia and Ukraine, as they supply urea, potash, and phosphate components. The prices of the fertilizers are also high because of the war, and their usage becomes low. In 2023, there are only smaller fertilizers yields, so the analyst warns the fertilizer users. 

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