Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the world! A living fossil from the past!

Patagonia: Life on the Edge of the world! A living fossil from the past!

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Forest of Patagonia!

The Andean Patagonian Forest spreads with steep elevations along a thin strip on both sides of the Andes Mountains in southern South America. This forest is located in Southern Chile and Argentina and is the southernmost forest on Earth.

Does this forest famous for?

Patagonia forest is famous for its landscapes, natural reserves, vast forest, national parks, glaciers, and native wildlife. This is a region that combines with many provinces and also has many kinds of attractions.

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Monito del Monte! 

Monito del Monte refers to the monkey of the mountain but not a monkey. It is considered a living fossil with a mouse-like nocturnal creature that weighs 16-30 grams. It also can slow down bodily functions to survive the region of harsh winters.

Creature of Monito del Monte!

During cold weather, the bug-eyed Monito builds a nest in a tree hollow where four to eight fellow monitos settle at the time of winter. Nespolo refers to a deathlike torpor where its heart rate drops from 200 beats per minute to 2 or 3 beats per minute. Every three minutes, it conserves energy where 95% of energy is saved, and the blood stops circulating.

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Space agencies!

Humans want to make it to Mars, and figuring out to induce hibernation in astronauts is the best way to save the mission costs, reduce the spacecraft size and keep the crew healthy. Natural hibernators have several physiological adoptions that permit them to stop metabolism without injuries to wake up weeks later.

Species of Monito!

Dromiciops gliroides and D. bozinovici are the two Monito species that are living fossils and a part of a lineage called Microbiotheria. Monito lives in forest temperature, where Nespolo is the tiny creature that is the direct ancestor that roamed Earth’s ancient supercontinent Gondwanaland and continues to thrive. 

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