Passengers get fined! Avoid taking food with you when you travel to the US from abroad

Passengers get fined! Avoid taking food with you when you travel to the US from abroad

Updated on August 11, 2022 19:16 PM by Dhinesh

Passengers get fined

In Australia’s Northern Territory, a passenger traveling from Indonesia to Darwin Airport carrying two egg and beef sausage McMuffins with a ham croissant in their luggage was fined $1.874. New biosecurity measures by Australian authorities on all arrivals as Indonesia livestock had foot and mouth disease.

Avoid food in luggage

At US air, sea, and land borders, failure to declare food products can result in a fine and penalties of up to $10,000. US border officials fined many passengers for bringing undeclared food items in their luggage, including balut eggs, pork bologna, and turkey ham. In 2021, border officials conducted 630,150 positive passengers inspection and issued thousands of penalties and violations to travelers who are declared with prohibited agriculture items.

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Food not allowed in travel

If the travelers bring food products to the US, that causes foreign pests and food-borne diseases into the country and also causes a devastating effect on agriculture. Last year at the entry of the US port, 264 pests were discovered, which was higher than the prior year. Pest intercepted a Saunders 1850 butterfly larvae found in pineapples from Costa Rica. The larvae feed on plants and legumes considered invasive pests found in the Amazonian tropical rainforest. It was closely monitored to prevent the introduction of pests and foreign animal diseases.

Are there any specific food products?

The United States Department of Agriculture prohibits animal and bird products from countries to prevent diseases such as mad cow, foot-and-mouth, avian flu, and swine fever. In the US, meat, poultry, milk, and egg products are banned based on the rules on the country of origin and livestock disease. Pork products from Mexico are also banned, but small personal use like ham sandwiches may be allowed.

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List of allowed items

Food items in the US include cooking oils, condiments, cookies, bread, crackers, cakes, cereal, packed tea, and baked products. All items must be carried in checked baggage where inspectors can examine them. If a traveler brings 50 pounds of an item that is a commercial shipment, undergo additional measures.

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What about fruits and vegetables?

In the US, all fresh and frozen fruits are prohibited from entry due to the risk of pests and disease as they can survive in frigid temperatures. The fruits and vegetables provided in the airplane or ship should be left behind. Travelers from Canada into the United States can bring some fresh fruits grown in Canada. They need to show proof that the fruits are grown free of soil, pests, and diseases.

Forbidden items!

If travelers bring food items that are prohibited in the country, the food is destroyed, and the travelers may result in a fine. Failure to declare prohibited food items may result in the insurance of a civil penalty.

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