Park is a place to park your worries!! Yes, my heart burns for the city lights, but my soul lives for central park

Park is a place to park your worries!! Yes, my heart burns for the city lights, but my soul lives for central park

Updated on October 29, 2021 02:35 AM by Anthony Christian

Central Park is the most visited urban public park in all of the United States. This highly famed attraction was built in 1857 and originally encompassed 778 acres. After a time, the popularity of the park is expanded and now the park holds on 843 acres.

New York is way more than just a big, blooming, business city. It’s such a great environment and place to be. Ok, let’s walk in nature, walks the soul back home.

Idyllic Green Space

According to the article “Nature in the city: Urban environmental history and central park” by Fisher Colin, Central park was initially established for a wealthier society. Green spaces are also associated with better air quality, cooler temperatures, and greater diversity. The park contains seven manmade lakes and ponds. And one thing Smoking inside the park is strictly prohibited.

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 Central Park cost the US more than Alaska


You read correctly!! Yes, developing a central park was estimated to cost just over a million dollars, but in the end, the bill was up to $7.39 million. Alaska bought around the same time as the park’s creation was priced at $7.2 million. Almost all of the visible bedrock in central park was formed by glaciers.

The Place to Chill!

Is it true? Yes of course this park is so surprising for New Yorkers. Do you know that? All your favorite films, from Romeo & Juliet to the Ghostbusters are filmed in this park. So that this park is the best place for romance, encounters with pigeon ladies, and deep conversations. You can see glacial landforms all over the park.

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Belvedere Castle


It is a stone castle atop Vista Rock, offering a spectacular view of the park.  It should be noted that the “castle” is not a castle at all, but a miniature castle built-in 1869. The weather for Central park is measured from the top of the castle. One interesting thing in this park is that inspirational quotes are written on the bench.

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The Mall and Literary Walk

It is a lovely area for walking; the Mall is a straight, wide pathway running beneath a canopy of huge trees in the south end of Central Park. Even in winter, when the park is covered in snow, this is a great place for a stroll. This walk, lined with statues of literary giants that include Shakespeare, Robert Burns, and Sir Walter Scott, as well as others.

Model Boat Pond

Conservatory Water, on the east side of the park near 72nd street, is better known as the model boat bond. People come here from spring until fall, particularly on weekends, to sail and race their model boats. Benches around the shore, shaded by large trees, are a perfect place to relax.

There is also a zoo, an ice-skating rink, three small lakes, an open-air theatre, a bandshell, many athletic playing fields and children’s playgrounds, several foundations, and hundreds of small monuments and plaques scattered through the area.

The park has numerous footpaths and bicycle paths, and several roadways traverse it. And it is widely regarded as a masterpiece of landscape architecture. Finally, you can get the true essence of New Yorkers by just hanging out in Central Park.

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