Outages affect ‘Rogers' wireless and internet services across Canada

Outages affect ‘Rogers' wireless and internet services across Canada

Updated on July 08, 2022 22:24 PM by Ava Sara

In Canada, wireless, cable and internet customers are affected by an outage caused by Rogers on Friday morning. I began to notice the outage sometime in the early hours of Friday morning, with many different services being affected in the process. The company confirmed via its Twitter account on Friday just before 9 a.m. ET that something was indeed wrong. In an effort to quickly resolve the issue, our teams are fully engaged in resolving the issue as much as possible," Rogers said in a tweet. "We will continue to keep you updated as more information becomes available," Rogers added. The Flanker brand, including Fido, is also affected by the service disruptions due to disruptions reported on a service tracker in locations across the country. Rogers customers in Toronto were experiencing problems with connecting to 911 as reported by the Toronto Police Service on their Twitter account.

"These issues are being worked on by the force and we hope to resolve them as soon as possible.". As a result of the outages, Rogers customers, Interac customers and wholesale re-sellers of Rogers services all seemed to be facing problems. TekSavvy tweeted from its own online help account that its own services were not working and that there is "no ETA" for when they might be restored.  It was recently reported that The Confederation Bridge between Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick was unable to process debit card payments any longer. For now, it is only accepting cash, credit cards and gift cards as forms of payment. In an effort to confirm the issue, CBC News has contacted the Canadian Bankers Association as well as officials at Interac for confirmation, but those requests have not been returned there and then.

According to the owner of Ottawa's transit agency, OC Transpo, the company is experiencing Internet and telephone connectivity issues that are making it impossible to provide some telephone services." As a result of the outage, CBC's Kitchener, Ontario, radio station has been taken offline and will not be able to broadcast for a short period of time. During the same time frame, Rogers' wireless and cable networks went down in a similar fashion in April 2021, which was also downed by a software update from one of the company's telecom equipment suppliers. At the time, Rogers attributed the outage to an issue with a software update from one of its telecom equipment suppliers.

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