On Facebook, Human smugglers peddle misinformation to US-bound migrants!

On Facebook, Human smugglers peddle misinformation to US-bound migrants!

Updated on July 28, 2022 09:55 AM by Emily Hazel

A tech transparency group released a report, that human smugglers misrepresent immigration policies and conditions along the US-Mexico border, targeting US-bound migrants in Facebook and WhatsApp social media posts.

Misinformation to migrants!

Joe Biden faced an unprecedented number of migrants arriving at the US southern border amid the condition across the Western hemisphere. Officials warn people not to journey north because of worsening conditions of a multibillion-dollar smuggling industry peddling misinformation to migrants.

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Risk of migrants!

Migrants are aware of risk and deception on platforms. The Tech Transparency Project found migrants relied on word of mouth and online platforms to get information about the route to the US, which was misleading. This misinformation made the region think it much easier to enter the United States.

Social media post!

On Facebook and WhatsApp, posts claim that border authorities are letting pregnant women into the US, favorable conditions for border crossing by misrepresenting the state of rivers migrants have to pass and offer fake documents.

To influence survey respondents' false information posted online about environmental conditions about their migration attempts.

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Migrants interviewed!

In a survey, migrants were interviewed and provided some of the posts as they know the misinformation being disseminated and the accompanying risk. Smugglers provide information very often manufactured information as they had an opportunity to enter the US.

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Unprecedented operation!

Last month, the Biden administration launched an unprecedented operation to disrupt human smuggling networks. The operation includes deploying hundreds of personnel throughout Latin America and multimillion-dollar investments.

From 1st April through 22nd July, 3533 individuals were arrested as they were connected to human smuggling networks and 262 busts, including stash houses, tractor trailers, and compartment ad rail carloads.

Worst human smuggling!

The misinformation presents a steep challenge for the Biden administration with the flow of irregular migration. The authorities turn away migrants at the US-Mexico border. Human smuggling poses a grave danger as 53 migrants died after being transported in a semi-truck, which was the worst human smuggling n the United States.

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Discussion about smuggling!

Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland security Secretary, is traveling to Honduras to discuss the topic of human smuggling between the secretary and senior officials. Two hundred migrants were interviewed as they received information on Facebook and WhatsApp about migration and the journey to the US southern border via word of mouth and platforms.

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Migrants deceived by smugglers!

A Peruvian migrant traveled with his family, and his two-year-old daughter felt deceived by smugglers. He and his family paid $800 to cross the river into the US. Similarly, Columbian migrants paid $16,000 to cross the border.

Smuggling fees to cross the border!

A professor at George Manson University, Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera, who studies human smuggling, said the smuggler's fees range from $3000 to $20,000 depending on the circumstances. To cross the US-Mexico border, migrants must pay smugglers a fee.

Digital ad campaign!

The State Department runs ads and messages on social media to dispel bad information. US Customs and Border Protection had an ad campaign in May to dissuade migrants from journeying north. As on two-months ad buy intended to reach migrants on digital platforms.

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