New Production Banner Ascendant Fox to be Founded by 'Boiling Point' Producers

New Production Banner Ascendant Fox to be Founded by 'Boiling Point' Producers

Updated on July 21, 2022 14:33 PM by Ava Sara

A new production company, Ascendant Fox, has been created after the merger of Ascendant Films with Burton Fox Films, the creators of the multi-BAFTA and BIFA-nominated restaurant drama "Boiling Point."

Several projects with various studios are being developed by Ascendant Films and Burton Fox Films since the critically acclaimed Stephen Graham vehicle was wrapped. George Amponsah, who directed the BAFTA-winning documentary "The Hard Stop," is directing Ascendant Fox's first feature, "Gassed Up."

The picture stars Stephen Odubola, Taz Skylar, and Mae Muller with Yung Filly, Harry Pinero, and Ms. Banks. Production is now underway on the project, which is a co-production between Amazon Studios U.K. Sunrise Films is the production company.

The writer of "Boiling Point" is also developing a television series in co-production with Stephen Graham's Matriarch Productions and the director of "Society," Philip Tarantini. The company Ascendant Films was founded in 2017 by Ruspoli to make feature films.

The outfit's 2018 action film "Nightshooters" was selected as an in-competition feature at Raindance, Leeds, and Mayhem Film Festivals in 2019. The caption for the banner's slogan was "A good script must have a human story at its heart." Alongside Phillip Barantini's "Boiling Point," the company also produced "Villain," the director's debut feature.


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In the meantime, actor and producer Ruoff set up Burton Fox. "Convenience," starring Ray Panthaki, Adeel Akhtar, Anthony Head, and Verne Troyer, won the BAFTA for a best executive producer in 2015.

The short film "Gerry," starring Joan Collins as the lonely widow Hilda, was produced by Laureline Garcia in 2017 in collaboration with her. Previously nominated for a BAFTA, "Gerry" has since been released on Prime Video by SND Films and Shorts TV.

During this year's festival circuit, Burton Fox Films and Ruoff produced the ambitious futuristic film "The Snatcher."

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Ruspoli says that he has formed a strong relationship with Hester since the production of 'Boiling Point'. I am excited to see what we will accomplish together in the future." She is undoubtedly one of the best producers in this country."

Laureline Garcia, 'Gerry's co-producer, said to Ruoff: "I never believed I would meet someone who worked so intensively as Bart. Having found a producing partner who respects me as a woman and my skills, along with a passion for bringing about positive change in society, feels like a blessing to me.

As a cast and crew, we strive to come together to create an environment where everyone feels safe, accepted, and supported.

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