New Jersey amusement park known for fun and thrill: Accidents are also inevitable

New Jersey amusement park known for fun and thrill: Accidents are also inevitable

Updated on August 23, 2022 11:23 AM by Michael Davis

Theme parks and exciting rides exemplify exciting family fun and affectionate recollections. Particularly here in New Jersey, home to footpaths, family-claimed parks, and the top-notch Six Flags Great Adventure.

Tragically, since forever ago, a few high-profile mishaps have happened at New Jersey theme parks. Some were even deadly. A 2-year-old toddler gets injured on a train ride.

A 2-year toddler struck on a train ride

A train at a New Jersey carnival struck and truly harmed a 2-year-old kid on Saturday evening, police say. The mishap occurred around 1 p.m. Saturday at the Land of Make-Believe in Hope Township in northern New Jersey, said Sgt. Phillip Curry of the New Jersey State Police.

Police said the youngster was transported to a medical clinic and recorded in basic condition. Curry told New Jersey 101.5 around early afternoon Sunday that he had no report on the kid's condition or any new data about the conditions of the mishap, which stays being scrutinized.

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Land of Make Believe

The place known for Make Believe, a 30-section of land, water, and entertainment Mecca with rides, games, and different exercises, was made in 1954 on a previous dairy ranch in Warren County. The park's site considers the train a "family #1." A message looking for input was shipped off a park delegate.

Lilly Decker was at the Land of Make-Believe on Saturday evening when she saw a young man go around the theme park's train tracks. She thought he'd move away when the train came, yet he didn't and was hit from his left side when the train halted.

Lilly Decker is a basic consideration nurturer accustomed to managing grown-up patients. The grandma, who's been going to the park since she was a youngster, said she was damaged by what she saw before coming up short on help.

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Lilly Decker about the accident

"I got up toward the beginning of today crying. It's simple, and I would rather not consider it. It's a picture I will always remember," Decker said. "Everybody began shouting at him, 'back the train up,'" she reviewed. However, she added that the training guide froze and probably went into shock.

The train was too weighty to even think about taking off the 2-year-old, so it needed to back up and couldn't try to hit him again. "Then, at that point, the mother came, and she just blacked out on the ground, and afterward, the wide range of various individuals came, the lifeguards, and everything," Decker proceeded.

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Condition of the boy

Decker was the table to keep the kid's heartbeat. She said he was as yet conscious, crying, and ready to move his legs and right arm. "I've never seen a mishap, in any event, when I was a young child. Witnessed seen nothing like that there," she said.

Police said the kid was transported to the clinic, and there was no prompt word on the conditions while this was all being examined.

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