Musk Shares Dogecoin Video That Explicates Everything

Musk Shares Dogecoin Video That Explicates Everything

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Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk keeps Dogecoin momentum alive with his occasional tweets supporting the meme coin. On Twitter, DOGE-bull Elon Musk recently shared a meme video about Dogecoin. Musk was responding to a tweet by Brett Winton, Director of Research at Ark Invest, about Bitcoin miners.

Short conversation

Brett Winton posted a joke that features a short conversation between someone who understands Bitcoin and how the apex cryptocurrency is mined and somebody who does not know that "miners" are hardware. Musk posted a video about Dogecoin to respond to Winton, saying it "explains everything."

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Winton's reply to Musk

Responded to Musk's Twitter thread, Winton said that his five-year-old kid is already urging him to set up an account on Coinbase. Billy Markus, the Dogecoin co-founder, also joined the Twitter conversation and called the video the "best cryptocurrency video in history."

Pretty sick

This comes after last week's Markus tweet that a DOGE-based social media website would be "pretty sick."The tech mogul's tweet about the meme coin continues to drive the value of the cryptocurrency upward. In the last 24 hoursDogecoin has surged 5%.In March, a survey indicated that most respondents believe Dogecoin would reach a new height by 2023; 68.6% said Dogecoin would touch a new all-time high, while 31.4% said it wouldn't. Elon Musk announced that Tesla would accept Doge payment at the company's new Santa Monica supercharging station in February.

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