Moscow Chess Open Tournament: A Chess-Playing Robot Breaks Boy’s Finger

Moscow Chess Open Tournament: A Chess-Playing Robot Breaks Boy’s Finger

Updated on July 25, 2022 17:25 PM by Ella Bina

A Chess-Playing Robot

A chess-playing robot broke a boy's finger during a match in Russia last week, the president of the Moscow Chess Federation told state news agency TASS media.

The Moscow Chess Open Incident

Sergey Lazarev said the incident occurred at the Moscow Chess Open after the boy rushed the robot. A robot broke a child's finger; this is, of course, wrong, Lazarev said.

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Long Time Specialists

We rented the robot; it has been exhibited in many places by specialists for a long time. The operators overlooked some flaws.

The Robot Necessary Time

The child made a move, and after that, it was necessary to give time for the robot to respond, but the boy hurried, and the robot grabbed him. We haven't to do with the robot.

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The Boy Finger Cutting Moment

The boy continued to compete in the forum after they put his finger in a cast, Lazarev said on Thursday. The incident happened last Tuesday.

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The Child Finished The Tournament

The child played the next day, finished the tournament in a cast, and volunteers helped to record the moves, Lazarev added.

The Robot Operator!!

We will coordinate to understand what happened and try to help the family in any way we can. And the robot's operators will have to think about strengthening protection so that such a situation does not happen again.

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The Baza Telegram Channel

Video published on the Baza Telegram channel shows the robot grabbing the boy's finger. After a brief struggle, several bystanders help free the child's hand and remove him from the table.

The Finger Of The Younger Player

The robot didn't like such a rush; he grabbed the boy's index finger and squeezed it hard. Bystanders rushed to help and pulled out the finger of the young player, but they could not avoid the fracture, the Baza Telegram channel said in its post.

The Moscow Chess Open took place in the Russian capital from July 13 to 21.

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