LGBTQ+ Percentage Has Doubled In A Decade, Gallup Poll Finds

LGBTQ+ Percentage Has Doubled In A Decade, Gallup Poll Finds

Updated on March 05, 2022 13:31 PM by Ella Bina

According to the Gallup poll results that were aired on Thursday, 7.1% of the adults in the US were identifying them as LGBTQ+. The percentage has doubled in a decade i.e., 3.5% in 2012. The poll was conducted in 2021 (on12,416 American adults).

What did the studies find?

The Gallup highlighted, “The increase in LGBT identification in recent years largely reflects the higher prevalence of such identities among the youngest US adults compared with the older generations they are replacing in the poll.”

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One in five Generation Z adults Identify as LGBT

21% of Gen Z Americans adults, those who are born from 1997 to 2003, were identified as LGBTQ, 10.5% of millennials, those who are born from 1981 to 1996 were identified as LGBTQ+. Only 4.2% of Gen X, between 42 to 57 of age, were identifying them as LGBTQ. If we take traditionalist adults, those are born before 1946, 0.8% were identified as LGBTQ+.

Other findings

According to the study, among LGBT Americans, half of them were bisexual (57%), 21% Of them are Gay, 10% of them are transgender, 14% of them are lesbian, and 4% of them are something else. Also, it found that 70% of the Americans were supported same-sex weddings, which is about only 27% in 1996.

LGBT individuals

The Gallup noted, “These young adults (Gen Z) are coming of age, including coming to terms with their sexuality or gender identity, at a time when Americans increasingly accept gays, lesbians, and transgender people, and LGBT individuals enjoy increasing legal protection against discrimination”

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