Kentucky's catastrophic flooding! Fifteen people are dead, and the death toll is expected to rise!

Kentucky's catastrophic flooding! Fifteen people are dead, and the death toll is expected to rise!

Updated on July 30, 2022 10:47 AM by Anna P

Catastrophic flooding!

The term catastrophic flooding is an exceptional or rare flood that occurs with high magnitude. It can be characterized by the abruptness of water level rise and increased intensity of flood phenomenon followed by monetary losses and fatalities.

Cause of catastrophic flood!

Catastrophic floods are due to weather events like prolonged rainfall, storm surges, and snowmelts; this caused due to human drive are poor management, deforestation, infrastructure failure, and overdevelopment such as urbanization and paving of land.

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Flooding expected!

In Kentucky, at least 15 people are dead due to catastrophic flooding. It is expected to double, and that also includes children. This flood is deadly and hits so hard at night. Resources are working around the clock to reach difficult-to-access areas from flooding that swept the area after heavy rains.

Damages due to flood!

The swollen floodwaters washed out bridges, wiped out power, and sent some residents scrambling to rooftops as water gushed into their homes. Some families and cars were submerged and swept away by the flooding.

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Risk of flooding!

On Friday, more rainfall is to be expected. Eastern Kentucky has a slight to moderate risk of flash flooding as an additional 1 to 3 inches is possible throughout the day. In the Oneida Community near Manchester, Kentucky, an older man and woman died being swept away from their homes.

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Muddy discharge!

Kentucky officials informed people to evacuate the homes and businesses in the floodplain of Panbowl Lake in Jackson, citing the Kentucky River's rising water level and a muddy discharge near the lake dam. On Thursday night, a portion of Kentucky Route 15 was closed.

Places experience flooding!

Most of West Virginia is at moderate risk for flash flooding. On Thursday, parts of West Virginia and Western Virginia experienced severe flooding and are expected to receive rainfall on Friday. On Friday, the southwest region of Virginia also at risk of flooding between one and two inches of rain is possible.

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Rescues are complicated by widespread!

Floodwaters rose to dangerous levels where some people became trapped and could not safely escape. Thirty people were air rescued by the National Guard. On Tuesday, 80 people were rescued since heavy rain began in the area.

Widespread water and power outages in the region are hindering recovery efforts. The flooding makes it difficult for utility workers to access areas needed to restore power. More than 23,000 customers were without power across the state.

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State of recovery!

To assist the state's recovery efforts in West Virginia and Tennessee, helicopters with hoisting abilities were sent to Kentucky. The limited number of helicopters can host people in the air. Communities jumped into action to help neighbors in the resident's town of Whitesburg.

Climatic crisis!

On Thursday, Kentucky was one of several states, including Missouri and Arizona experienced severe flooding amid the increase in extreme weather events amplified by the climate crisis. The atmosphere can hold more and more water, making water vapor available to fall as rain.

Degree of warming!

Human-caused fossil fuel emissions warmed the planet a little more than 1 degree Celsius on average, with more intense warming over land areas. Since the 1980s, rainfall over land has become more intense. The events become more intense and dangerous with every fraction of a degree of warming.

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