It's Victoria's reveal that elicits Adam's concern - and Imani pulls a fast one on Nate with her ruse

It's Victoria's reveal that elicits Adam's concern - and Imani pulls a fast one on Nate with her ruse

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Adam asks Nikki if Victor and Victoria are on their way back from the airport yet when she enters his office. The location of the big homecoming tells Adam something about what to expect. Nikki wonders what he can expect. Since Victoria is returning home to the roost, Adam asks Nikki what his future will be. Leaving Victoria a message at Crimson Lights, Billy makes sure she's alright - it's pretty obvious her family is concealing something. The penthouse is empty as Nate gives Elena a last-minute "Aloha" before she leaves for Hawaii. He offers Elena a rose, and she accepts. They head to the bedroom. As Chance jogs into Chancellor Park, Devon is also running. Devon challenges Chance to a race and they take off in opposite directions. Imani just saw Imani and she's struggling with speech. Lily joins Amanda and Imani for a meeting at Society and asks about their mom. Amanda explains they're also concerned about her emotional state. Lily suggests they take time whenever they feel the need to. Abby approaches and they talk about the successful launch party. Lily asks Abby what happened to her hotel plan across the Grand Phoenix. Abby grimaces — it's a long story, she says. Since Lily is considering her plan, Abby reveals Phyllis fought her tooth and nail. Amanda argues that she didn’t like the idea of a competing hotel so close by. Lily believes they need another hotel to house Devon's talent. Abby grins. “Maybe I can build an even grander Phoenix in Genoa City.” To save themselves a lot of headaches, Lily suggests Phyllis sell her the Grand Phoenix, but Amanda highly doubts her pal will do so. The lawyers and Abby listen to Lily talk about building a new hotel. Lily suggests she has no problem going head-to-head with Phyllis even if she won't. As Elena and Nate undress at home, they kiss passionately. Nate pulls her down on the bed, and they roll around as they make love. He gruffly says "Aloha, baby." to Elena.

Elena and Nate go back downstairs after sex, where she teases there's still room in her luggage for him. Nate promises a full-on vacation later on. Elena decides she wants him to want more. They kiss before Nate heads back to work. Astonished by her knowledge of Victoria's plans, Nikki assures Adam at Newman that she has never been in touch with her. Adam reveals she was the only one on board and there is no plan for her to return. Nikki refuses to believe it. For all she knows, she's just coming back to retaliate against her father for blocking her Ashland business venture. Victor paves the way for the homecoming of his daughter. As Victoria sits in her hotel suite, Nick says she wants to thank him. He was the only family member who showed her love after she announced she was leaving. Although Nick didn’t like what she was doing, it was her choice. He asks why she returned and what happened in New York. Trying to get his money back, Ashland gets on the phone but is told there is no option for him to do so. A furious Ashland throws the phone away. After finishing their race at Chancellor Park, Devon complains that his name is on the sign and that he has a home-field advantage. The discussion turns to Chance. He admits it was a big blow to lose Rey, but he honors his legacy by closing most of his cases. Devon is impressed by his ability to overcome everything. Chance assures Devon he had a positive impact, but Devon also knows he was part of his struggle and apologizes for that. As Devon holds Amanda at home, she is upset after seeing her mom, who can't speak. Imani is putting on a brave face and may be having trouble accepting the sad truth. Imani is worried too about her sister. Devon pulls Amanda into his arms as she cries again, lamenting the fact that she cannot control what is happening. Devon tells Amanda that he has lost a lot of people. Amanda explains that sometimes you just need to get through it. Imani can act tough, but Amanda doesn't have to. He's there. It's empowering for Amanda but she's scared it might go away. Devon places her hand over his heart. As long as it beats, she will never be alone again. They kiss. Lily goes, and Chance asks her wife to ditch work for a little while - he has a surprise in mind. He's taken the day off, visited Dom, run with Devon, and wants to share it with Abby.

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During a conversation at Newman Enterprises, Nikki insists Victor was only protecting his daughter. Nikki doesn't want to discuss Victoria anymore, so they talk about a deal. Victor texts Nikki telling her Victoria left the jet before he could get there. She wonders what Victoria is up to. After Victoria tells Nick she will explain everything soon, she asks him to arrange for their parents to meet them at the office. She is back, but things will be different now. Imani admits her mother isn't great and she's trying to concentrate on work. Nate understands this. Imani then tells him that getting Elena out of her contract and bringing her over may be more difficult than they thought. Her contract is airtight. The two can work together now that Elena is gone. He confides that it's not just about working with Elena again; the podcast helps him fulfill his promise. After Nate's back is turned, Imani calls and makes a dinner reservation for two. She rejoins Nate, who asks if she got a meeting with Sally Spectra. It's Imani who lies about joining them for dinner tomorrow night and making reservations for the three of them. Abby loves how Chance set up the picnic for her at Chancellor Park but assures him he hasn’t neglected her. They kiss. Chance gets a text about a case and Abby urges him to go see about it. He protests, but she insists. They kiss goodbye and he leaves. As Victoria is getting ready to meet with her family, she remembers dumping Ashland. She picks up her phone and calls Billy. Victoria explains that she's back in town, but needs to meet with her family first. She's taking a huge step forward in her life and there's no turning back. Billy asks if Ashland is in the picture as well. Victoria declares Ashland Locke is finally out of her life. Awaited Victoria by Nick, Adam, and Nikki at Newman Enterprises. Nikki embraces Victoria as she enters. Victoria apologizes to her mother for putting her through all of this, but she has to convince Ashland that her break is plausible. Adam stands up. “So, it’s a scam?” He shakes his head and asks, “What are you doing?” Nick and Chloe receive interesting invitations, Victor reconnects with Ashland and Phyllis regrets her decision.

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