In the field of technology, the most insane and incredible records have ever been broken

In the field of technology, the most insane and incredible records have ever been broken

Updated on August 13, 2022 14:02 PM by Anna P

The Guinness Book of World Records is home to many people who have made history. As well as those who've set some of the weirdest world records, some've broken many of the world records. We are now looking back on 2021 and recalling the events that took place during this year. Only a few days remain until the year 2022 begins.

As bizarre as things were before the pandemic began, there were only a few things that could surpass them this year. This year's Guinness World Records book contains some moments that seem unreal, including some that cemented a few records. These are some of the most interesting tech records you'll ever see, even though we've seen some hair-raising attempts over the years.

A Lego railway track used to be the longest in the world and is now powered by motors. It's pretty amazing how many records exist that are completely nerdy and impressive. You will never miss out on some of these incredible, bonkers, and wacky records from the last few years.

One of the oldest video game YouTubers

Video games YouTuber Shirley Curry held the title for the longest time. As an over 80-year-old woman, she accumulated 238,449 subscribers and 6,509,749 views when she won the record. However, Hamako Mori from Japan has yanked the title from her. Over her 38 years of video gaming, the Gamer Grandma has accumulated over 89 years of experience.

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A young professional videogamer

Gaming is popular with everyone, from the very young to the very old. The youngest professional gamer is Victor De Leon III. At the age of four, he began competing at the professional level. He started playing at two years old.

The seven-year-old became the youngest professional video gamer signed by Major League Gaming in 2005. That's quite an accomplishment. That may not have been allowed by our parents.

A chess tournament with the largest number of players

Video game players aren't the only ones who play games. Board games are also popular among many people. Board games are also popular among many people. Twenty-four hundred and eighty-three people participated in a mass chess tournament in 2010. Several chess players gathered in Ahmedabad to battle it for the world record in a record-breaking event.

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Most drones in the sky

There was an impressive aerial display in Xi'an for the 2018 Chinese New Year when a record-breaking 1,300 drones flew simultaneously to break the record for the Most uncrewed aerial vehicles in the air at once. To add to the record colorful display, the drones also had several lights that allowed them to fly. This is an impressive feat of technology record and clever use of technology.

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The robot that solves Rubik's cubes the fastest

In the meantime, robots are being used for pretty interesting purposes, despite fears that they will one day take all our jobs and enslave humanity. Zackary Gromko constructed this robot, for instance. Using six arms, the robot can solve a Rubik's cube in record time after scanning the puzzle and generating a solution program.

That speed broke the record for solving a Rubik's cube in 2.39 seconds. At the time, Jackary Gromko estimated that even the best human methods could take 60 turns, but it is possible to solve any cube within 20 turns. The record is a possibility that robots are superior to humans after all.

Train track with the longest Lego pieces

It took 80 Lego enthusiasts 80 days to build the biggest Lego railroad in Denmark in 2013. To reach the end of the record track and break the record, the train traveled down the toy railway for around four hours. There were nearly 100,000 Lego bricks and railway pieces used in this project.

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Jet engine-powered bodysuit with the fastest speed

British inventor Richard Browning set a new speed record in 2019 with a suit powered by jet engines. The suit achieved a staggering speed of 85.06 mph (136.891 km/h) at Brighton Beach in East Sussex, UK. We can only hope this is the record beginning of a future of personal transportation powered by a jet engine similar to Ironmans.

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One of the highest prices ever paid for a number

Numbers are notoriously hard to remember, so when people find a great number, they are delighted. The record-breaker is the most expensive mobile number in history, but many other fancy numbers are not as expensive.

$2.75 million was paid for the most expensive telephone number ever purchased. It is thought that the number 666 6666 is bad luck to some people, but it has a religious significance in Arabic.

Sculpture made from toothpicks

There are quite a few Star Wars fans out there. Stan Munro, a New York, USA resident, created an Imperial Star Destroyer entirely out of toothpicks in 2017 as if to prove his point. This record-breaking sculpture has 15,000 toothpicks arranged in a row, measuring 1.48 meters long, weighing 3.4kg, and weighing 3.4 kilograms. A brilliant example of attention to detail and a stunning feat of modeling.

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Hexapod robot with the largest riding capacity

Matt Denton lovingly crafted this impressive six-legged rideable robot from Hampshire, UK. We love that it looks like it's made of Meccano, despite smashing the records in November 2017. With its height of over nine feet and diameter of 16 feet, it certainly is a monster.

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The most subscribed female gamer

In 2017, Tiffany Herrera became Youtube's most popular female video game broadcaster, breaking the Guinness World Records. There were 5,461,793 subscribers on her channel at the time, but it now has around 7 million subscribers.

A toilet that is the fastest

You've never seen anything like it, from the fastest, coolest mode of transportation you've seen. There has never been a faster toilet than this one.

The fastest toilet in the world reached a speed of 113.531 km/hr (70.545 mph) when developed by Robert English, Thomas Ellis, Joe Summers, and William Beaty from the United Kingdom. A toilet and cistern were attached to a go-kart frame, and a toilet brush was used as a gear stick. It sounds both terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

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Cosplay suit gadgets that are most functional

We are unlikely to see Batman in the real world unless Keith Dinsmore from Portland, Maine, USA, creates an awesome cosplay. The average person can appreciate the care and detail that went into creating it, while cosplay enthusiasts can be inspired too.

Featuring 30 different widgets, his suit broke the record for most gadgets ever. Aside from that, he outperformed the previous record holder's suit with just 23 gadgets.

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Dark Souls alternative control methods

There is a reputation for Dark Souls being unforgiving and extremely challenging. To prove his point, Benjamin Gwin played it with the "most obscure" and "terrible" controllers he could find.

With just one finger and nine different controllers, a gamer controlled the game using a microphone, Wiimote, and Xbox 360 controller. A real bunch of bananas is among the controllers Bearzly plans to add to the game in the future. In terms of gaming, this is certainly a record-breaker.

One of the fastest electric monowheel motorcycles

Record-breaking enthusiasts have constructed plenty of terrifying ways to get about when it comes to personal transport. In May 2021, this electric monowheel motorcycle managed a speed of 95.04303kph (59.057 mph) despite not looking as safe as many other motorbikes we've seen.

Despite the difficulty of riding monowheels, this record speaks not only to the design of the machine but also to the rider's skill.

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Arcade machine of a large size

Jason Chambers is an American video game enthusiast who crafted this spectacular arcade machine in 2014. With a height of 4.41 meters, a width of 1.93 meters, and a depth of 1.06 meters, the cabinet has been recognized as one of the largest ever built.

In a world record where technology is shrinking, and gaming machines are constantly evolving, it's hard to imagine why you would want such a huge machine. You can, however, purchase your own if you have the cash.

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The longest Mario Kart marathon ever

Mario Kart is a game everyone loves. As a group from the USA, Ben Fick, Anthony Lehnertz, and Hunter Nierman played Mario Kart for more than 40 hours in 2018.

One of the longest underwater kisses

In light of how this is cuter than crazy, we thought we'd start with a lighter tone. The very idea of it gets points in both the strangeness and insanity departments. Anyhow, enough rambling. Let's get straight to the point record.

Mike Maric and Ilaria Bonin attempted to set a world record for underwater kissing by kissing underwater for three minutes and eight seconds. They encountered an oceanic tank during their rather watery but romantic quest at Castelnuovo del Garda's Gardaland Sea Life Aquarium.

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The largest gathering of Mahatma Gandhi dressers

Adding this to the list, we have another Indian record. As part of the record peace march, 485 school children dressed up as Mahatma Gandhi to break the record for the largest gathering of people dressed up as the Father of Our Nation.

Children living at railway stations without support were part of the Training Resource and Care for Kids program. However strange the record may be, it's nice to know their heart wasn't in it for the wrong reasons.

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Chef hat throwing event with the largest crowd

The people of Brussels came up with this idea on January 9th of this year because it appears not many records have been broken. According to organizers, 617 participants tossed their chef hats into the air and succeeded in breaking the record. It may not be fair to call this a broken record since there never was one in the first place.

On the human body, there are most spoons

The Tbilisi native Etibar Elchiyev is here to introduce himself. After all, he holds a Guinness World Record, and the title speaks for itself. With this picture, he set a new record for magnetized silver spoons.

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