How Many Types of Content Writing Are You Familiar With? Lets check it out

How Many Types of Content Writing Are You Familiar With? Lets check it out

These types include academic content, entertainment content, technical content, information, services, etc

Updated on March 13, 2022 17:53 PM by Andrew Koschiev

As we know that the world is slightly shifting towards a virtual side with ongoing changes in each professional field. Therefore, every product requires to be advised to create a space among the user's mind. To maintain a well-versed reputation in the market, A should do bona fide advertisement and marketing. Readers might wonder from where do these advertising ideas come from? The answer is easy and reliable. A team of content writers uses their brains to improve the quality of advertised and marketed content.

What skills are required to become a content writer?

Before starting the skills, A writer should be aware of what they are presenting to the reader audience. Look whether it is apt or not. Following are some points that are helpful to know the qualities of a content writer:

Understanding part- Be wise to the company, since the services provided and products ideally.
Practice, Practice, Practice- During the initial working days, a writer should focus on learning new elements. It is most important to practice regularly.
Keep an eye on trends- One should know what is best for their copies; nonetheless, staying tuned to the market will help in growth.
Stay confident- The language is not a barrier; each language requires writers. Everyone willing to write good content should be confident with their style.

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After knowing about, Who is a content writer? And, what are the qualities of a content writer?

We should move forward to learn about various types of content writing. There are eight different aspects of content writing, along with different formats when talking roughly. These types include academic content, entertainment content, technical content, information, services, etc. To start, let's begin with:


Copywriting is a crucial part of content writing because sometimes advertising and marketing do not work. During such situations, copywriting can save a company's position with the help of persuasive words.

For instance, when you visit a website, suddenly an advertisement flashes to your screen and makes you open it. This happens because the catchy words on the screen connect the product with the target audience.

The mindful copywriters owe all the respect to protect their companies from getting a fall. They are well-versed in crafting words according to the need.

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Creative writing

This is different from the basics of content writing, such as professional, academic, technical, and standard forms. Creative writing makes a writer grow from within; writing what one feels is not just a piece of writing; instead, it is art.

Including fiction and non-fiction writing such as journalistic, poetry, prose, story writing, playwriting, etc. This type of content writing highly focuses on imagination, story-making, and all such elements that express a person's thinking. 

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Technical writing

Technical writing is the most desired type of content writing in professional workplaces. Among all the other types of content writing, this domain has the ultimate and vast scope of growing faster. Tech Writing reduces the communication gap between technical experts and a less technical audience.

In simpler words, Technical writing is a form of writing that documents all the complex technical operations. It consists of writing copies for biotech, engineering, policy, IT, finance, etc. however, it covers most of the professional works but remains unique in some ways.


The blog comes from Weblog, which means writing a daily diary but digital. Innovated on the internet and used by entrepreneurs, new writers, and companies, blogging became important. Blogs can grow traffic on a website; this means blogging is indispensable for advertising.

Blogging helps improve SEO rankings, as the search engines are always in want of new content. By writing trending keywords while blogging, websites content becomes strong and recommendable.

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Narrative can be said as a part of Creative writing or story writing. Narratives come between fictional and non-fictional writing, known as semi-autobiographical stories. The narrative consists of a basic storyline in which the main character faces a problem and later engages in an exciting experience.

A narrative includes some essential characteristics: Descriptive language, characters, Narrative structure, and a plot.

The narrative holds types of it, known as:

Descriptive Narrative, Linear Narrative, Non-Linear Narrative, Viewpoint Narrative

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Social Media post

Almost everyone currently uses social media, countably 40% of the world population is engaged on social media. Therefore, there is a business presence on major social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitter.

Do you know that each netizen spends most of their time on social media? In the present world, writing content for social media platforms is highly considerate. While writing a social media post, a writer should know what will go best according to the product.

In case someone is writing a social media post for hiring candidates for an internship. This post will not be appropriate to post on Facebook; Linkedin is the correct option for this. 


Ghostwriting is the work of craft; this writer needs to be so finely; hence no one should know about the shapeshift gaps. Ghostwriters can create e-books and white papers within a few days left pending for years.

Ghostwriting can be coined as other content writing projects such as Articles, Website Content, Off-page Content, E-books, Thought leadership, and White papers. It is an essential type as tasks such as Article writing and off-page content writing is necessary to run a website.

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Email Writing

It is well known that a person's professional life starts with a mail and ends with a mail. Thus in the modern world, Email writing has played a cardinal role in connecting one party to the second. 

Becoming an Email writer professionally adds some different responsibilities that come under content writing. Therefore, Psychology plays a vital role in email writing. They need to call to action sentences and headlines. The placement of each word needs to be done carefully.

Email Writing concludes Customer Nurture, Sales Nurture, Transaction emails, and Drip campaigns.

Content writing

Content writing is a complex task; this is why there are specialist writers for each field. There are content writers behind every successful and growing company who wring out their brains to write a workpiece.

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