Furniture for just the living room cost $40K at Chateau Shereé

Furniture for just the living room cost $40K at Chateau Shereé

Updated on July 11, 2022 19:16 PM by Dhinesh

The Real Housewives of Atlanta aired an episode on July 10 during which Marlo Hampton began choosing furniture for her newly constructed home, which would be completed within 12 to 14 months. During the process of choosing pieces and ordering some custom options, Shereé Whitfield assisted her with advice. How much do you think the most expensive room will be? It's the living room, isn't it?”Marlo asked Shereé, who famously built Chateau Shereé over years. As soon as Shereé confirmed Marlo's assumption, she shared how much she spent on her own living space."My living room cost maybe forty thousand dollars," she said. "I have chandeliers that cost $10,000. The video above shows some I've got that are $7,000 each.

“So I’m going to spend at least $40,000 on the living room,” said Marlo, to which Shereé replied, “At least.” Marlo shared the preliminary plans for her new home on the May 22 episode, which include a "department store"-style closet (bigger than her bedroom), a "lounge area," and a "grand entrance." Shereé shows several rooms of her house in the video above as she explains her approach to interior design. "I'm a detail freak," she says. All items are handpicked by me. It's no surprise that you'll see a lot of works by Christopher Guy. "I love my plants and my sconces." 

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