Follow your Heart, Even If It takes you all the way to Chicago Navy Pier

Follow your Heart, Even If It takes you all the way to Chicago Navy Pier

Updated on November 26, 2021 15:16 PM by Andrew Koschiev

Follow your Heart, Even If It takes you all the way to Chicago Navy Pier.

Daniel Burnham was a man with many great ideas, he had many plans for Chicago, and he initially wanted nine piers for the lakeshore. But in 1909, he enjoyed several piers for shipping and entertainment. He was previously known as the municipal pier, which cost $4.5 million to construct.

The pier opened to the public in 1916 as (Chamernik, Mike) what is navy pier. It is one of Chicago's most iconic attractions. Shall we go to this Navy Pier? Yes, let us know about some interesting facts.

 Ferris Wheel Buffer

The initial home of the first-ever Ferris wheel, planned and built by G. Ferris, was the Navy pier area. Enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience, as well as the many other attractions, games, and amusements available in Pier Park for people of all ages.

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Navy Pier’s Diverse

The Navy Pier, which has been in continuous operation for more than a century, has benefited the city of Chicago in a variety of ways. It has served as a recreation and entertainment venue, naval base, army base, conventional center, and food storage facility.

The Centennial Visions

 Its first phase was completed in the summer of 2016. Work included redesigning the pier's public spaces and improvements to the interior of the family pavilion and South Arcade. Do you know that? There is an elevated overlook walkway and reflective water feature.

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Outdoor Attractions

It is a beautiful place. Is it so? Yes, there are many outdoor attractions at the Navy Pier Park. Such as Pepsi wave Swinger, light tower ride, remote control boats, teacups, and the carousel. Amazing Chicago's Funhouse Maze is on the pier, and Chicago Children's Museum is a part of the pier.

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Drinks on the go.

Guests can order drinks to go to several restaurants along the pier. Enjoy this reward both indoors and outdoors, from happy hour to weekends. There's nothing like a cool drink and a stroll by the lake! There is free Wi-Fi available throughout the pier.

Forest Gump Impersonator

A man impersonates the legendary tom Hanks character outside of Bubba Gumps on the navy pier. Though he's not a daily appearance, you can usually find him during major events on the pier or peak season nights. Do you want a box of chocolates? Yes, it means you can sit next to him on the bench, and he might offer you a box of chocolates.

Perch Fishing is Pretty Popular

Perch season is a thing at Navy Pier. Here, the parking is affordable due to winter discounts. There are clean restrooms for fishermen, and the pier offers a place for fishers to warm up.

When Navy Pier was an army installation, it also functioned as a training center for pilots! Several high-profile events have already been announced for the spring and summer—a wonderful vacation place for kids and various restaurants.

Hope these interesting facts give you the idea to visit this Navy pier on your weekend days.

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