Extreme heat causes a matter of life and death for Asia’s migrant workers!

Extreme heat causes a matter of life and death for Asia’s migrant workers!

Updated on August 02, 2022 16:58 PM by Anthony Christian

Climate crisis!

Many parts of the world experience dangerous heat levels, and scientists warned that the climatic crisis would amplify extreme weather. Countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, France, and China issued with intense heat.

Escape from the heat!

Governments and global bodies advised people to remain indoors and switch on air conditioning to prevent heat-related illness. Migrant workers are excluded and forgotten from the climate crisis. Most air-conditioned public spaces like shopping malls and other buildings because of rules prohibiting their entry.

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Heat exposure!

In other Asian countries like India, a problem called prolonged heat exposure saw crop yields reduced in May due to heat stress faced by farmers and workers. In April, sugarcane cutters reported severe heat exhaustion from working long periods in the fields.

 The issue for migrant labors!

The heat was always an issue for migrant labors and domestic workers in the city-state. Working all day is tiring; it is also hard to sleep and rest at night. For many migrant workers, the lack of access to convenient cooling systems like air conditioning was a matter of life and death.

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Heat stress in the workplace!

Working in Singapore's hot and humid weather puts workers at an increased risk of heat injuries. Employers must ensure that the work environment is safe and without threat to the employee's safety and health.Cooling Gap!

According to the 2021 study by the Climate Impact Lab, the climate crisis causes the global temperature to increase the gap between rich and developing nations is set to widen. Air conditioning and electric fans will remain out of reach for more than half of the global population in the coming decades.

A serious health hazard is extreme heat exposure, and certain people are exposed to far more heat than others doing low-paying work outdoors or in hot kitchens and warehouses. Cooling technology for vulnerable people should be priorities for governments worldwide.

Is air conditioning necessary?

Air conditioning is necessary given the rising heat levels, but it has to be much more energy efficient. Air conditioning units with more eco-friendly models would be financially costly but consume less electricity and reduce carbon footprints that go a long way in helping the environment.

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