Extensive attack! Chinese drills focused on long-range attacks around Taiwan!

Extensive attack! Chinese drills focused on long-range attacks around Taiwan!

Updated on August 08, 2022 17:08 PM by Dhinesh

On Sunday, the Chinese participated in drills focused on long-range airstrikes around Taiwan. Chinese conducted five drills live five-drills in the waters and airspace, said the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese military. The focuses of the drills are on joint fire and long-range strike capabilities.

Planned exercises!

The exercise was planned to begin on Thursday and scheduled till Sunday noon within six zones around the islands. Around the Taiwan states, 66 Chinese warplanes and 14 Chinese vessels were detected. Twenty-two jets were entering the airspace around Taiwan, and 12 crossed the median line.

Closely monitored!

The situation was closely monitored by Taiwan's military, where the deployed aircraft and vessels reacted to Chinese military drills. The drills mark a significant escalation within an hour of the arrival of Pelosi and the congressional delegation. A raft of diplomatic penalties launched by Beijing includes canceling future phone calls between Chinese and US defense leaders.

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Chinese military detected!

The first time China sent missiles over the Islands, that launched 11 ballistic missiles that flew over the islands of Taiwan and landed in Japan’s exclusive economic zone. On Friday, 68 Chinese warplanes were in Taiwan’s Strait, 49 entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone, and on the same day, 56 entered the ADIZ. Around the strait, 14 vessels and 20 planes were detected by the Chinese military.

Arrogant military operations!

Taiwan and other countries in the region of freedom-loving countries like the US have protested and condemned China’s arrogant military operations disrupting regional peace and stability. China’s military activities are provocative, irresponsible, and risk miscalculating.

Cease the military exercises!

The victim of political provocation from the US is China. In its exclusive zone for raising tension and destabilizing the region called china, the Japanese government immediately ceased the military exercises. The Chinese government's actions to safeguard state sovereignty and curb separatist activities are justified.

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