Exciting spot is here! Italy’s top hot spring destination recovers from ancient

Exciting spot is here! Italy’s top hot spring destination recovers from ancient

Updated on August 11, 2022 17:07 PM by Anthony Christian

Ancient hot spring

San Casciano’s modern facilities are a few feet from an ancient site that focus on an excavation effort. As early as the 4th century, the pre-Italic Etruscan people built thermal baths that re the network of holy pools, by the ancient Romans made more lavish.

Origin of hot spring water

San Casciano is a geothermal hub with forty hot springs connected to six thermal sanctuaries. The location of the Etruscan was picked to utilize the therapeutic power of the water's chemical properties as it is rich in calcium and magnesium and contains chloride and sulfates.

Last week site was unearthed a treasure trove of aircraft and relics that shed light on the intimate connection between Italy's past civilization found, the water religion, and the divine origins of the hot spring water.

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Thermal treatment

Fertility Statuettes are the offerings by god that are shaped like a phallus, a womb, and a pair of breasts that have been dug out from the mud site at the ancient site, 3000 coins where 700 of which are freshly minted. In the second century, the coins were thrown into the baths to honor gods to watch over his health. For thermal treatment, Romans travel to san Casciano.


State of preservation

The entire Mediterranean Sea is in an exceptional state of preservation, and the site is unique. It provides medical hot water practices under divine protection. The amount and quality of the objects recovered are astonishing; that was a surprise.

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Sacred Mountain

The site in San Casciano called Scared Mountains, a circa 16th-century doctor's report, mentions the presence of ancient buildings and a fountain. In 2019, a geophysical survey by Tabolli's team studied the presence of structures on the springs, and they discovered jutting out of the bush. Also, the excavation work was paused later due to the pandemic.

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Recovered from the thermal bath

A hospital clinic functions by San Casciano’s ancient thermal bath, the visitors with respiratory problems or aching bones can get recovery. They throw offerings to the gods on the bubbly pools as thanks for being healed. Most people have felt that they got reduced in pain after floating in the water.

The tree branches, scented pine cones, and fruits such as peaches are recovered and preserved in the layer of mud. Some of the offerings, like the shape of miniature bronze legs, arms, and ears, were also unearthed. The people's prayers are mortal in pain as they are left to thank the god for healing specific body parts.



Features of the Etruscan pool

The features of one Etruscan pool were about eleven meters long and five meters deep, known as a big bath. It also includes five Roman pools where hot water still flows at a pace of 2000 gallons per minute. The fountains and statues alongside travertine stone altars to the god and medicine, the goodness of fertility, and Fortuna Primigenia, the goodness of the firstborn.

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Visit during the time of pregnancy

Most village women are in trouble conceiving a child who comes to a thermal bath for hope and relief and to relax with their womb. These thermal baths include health rituals specifically linked to pregnancy and birth. A statue of a naked baby was recovered where the ancient women would visit San Casciano during pregnancy and after giving birth in the hope of protecting their baby's health.

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Extraordinary big bath

For the Romans to have mystical powers, precious metals like several coins of silver, bronze, and orichalcum are found in the big bath. The coins had their original color due to water chemical properties that prevent oxidation. In the Mediterranean hot spring, it is the largest collection of ancient currency.

Etruscan era

It's a miracle that there are shiny brown and yellow colors of coins found at the excavation site. The recovered wonders are showcased in the new village museum to the site of the public. Archaeologists are keeping working on this site to discover new things.

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