Earthshot prize Countdown kicks off with the Duke of Cambridge!

Earthshot prize Countdown kicks off with the Duke of Cambridge!

Updated on August 23, 2022 09:22 AM by Dhinesh

Prince William had an early trip across the pond. This year, he will kick off the Earthshot Prize awards ceremony that will be held in Boston. Next month on 21st September, he is traveling to New York City to summit the Earthshot Prize, and the co-host of the summit is Bloomberg Philanthropies. All the inaugural finalists and winners of the last year’s Earthshot will gather together.

Assembled guests at the summit!

Prince William and the guests Michael R. Bloomberg work to help scale and replicate the Earthshot solutions as Global Advisor to the winners of the Earthshot Prize. After previously announcing that the second Earthshot Prize awards ceremony was taking place in the United States. Last month on Twitter, Prince William and Kate Middleton revealed the exact location as they are heading to the city of Boston in December.

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In 2022, Kate and Prince William are back and bringing Earthshot to the USA as they will award the next five prize winners. In October 2020, William created the global environment awards said in a video on Twitter.

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Earthshot prize!

The Earthshot prize is awarded to five winners each year for their contributions to environmentalism. In 2021, it was first awarded and planned to run until 2023. Each winner will receive a grant of £1 million to continue their environmental work. President John F. Kennedy’s famed 10-year goal of landing on the moon refers to Moonshot, where the Earthshot aims to promote impactful approaches to the world's most pressing environmental challenges. The second awards ceremony announcement was held in the Massachusetts of the moon landing.

Visit Boston!

Prince William and Kate Middleton spotlight and celebrate the inspiring city of their work on addressing the impacts of climate change and building a resilient future during their visit to Boston. In 2014, both were 40 during their visit to New York. In 2011, they first visited the U.S. after their royal wedding and headed to Los Angeles.

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Role of the president!

Apart from the couple's Royal Foundation, the Earthshot became an independent charity where Prince William took a presidential role. He said, efforts and supporting and scaling to the winners of the prize and our entire finalists be the best, and we want to inspire the confidence to get a healthier and more sustainable future.

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