Dear Beach, thank you for making us feel tiny, humbled, inspired, and salty… All at once!!!

Dear Beach, thank you for making us feel tiny, humbled, inspired, and salty… All at once!!!

Updated on November 26, 2021 10:46 AM by Ella Bina

Miami is known for its white-sand beaches, pleasant temperature, delectable cuisine, Cuban coffee, and Latino influences. Miami Beach,  Zoo Miami, Bayside Marketplace, South Beach, and Little Havana Ocean Drive are popular tourist destinations.

You may be familiar with Miami's fantastic nightlife and stunning beaches, but did you know it's also known as the world's 'wreck-relational driving Capital'? Or that it is home to one of the most important archaeological sites in the world? 

Even if you believe you know everything there is to know about Miami, there are still a few interesting facts to learn.

Miami is not the state capital of Florida.

Miami is such a well-known city in Florida that it is frequently confused with the state capital. However, this is not the case! It's also not the largest city in Florida. Tallahassee is the state capital of Florida. Jacksonville is Florida's largest city.

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Where does the Name Miami Come from?

There were a number of Native American tribes living there; the people of Biscayne Bay were located in the southwest of Florida. The people were most of the southern part of Florida.
 Finally, the last but not least: the Miami tribe. They were located by lake Miami, now known as Lake Okeechobee. The river derives from the lake down to the city of Miami and gives its name to the city.

A Land of Hidden Treasures

Lost treasures await those who visit Miami Beach. Yes, local legends say that pirates such as Blackbeard left behind many treasures in the nearby ocean. Treasure hunters have found lots of silver and gold, both on and off land near Miami Beach over the years.

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Some Fun Facts about Miami Florida

The name Miami comes from Miami, one of the native tribes that thrived throughout the 1600s and 1700s. The world's most extensive collection of art deco architecture may be seen in Miami Beach.

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A Different Language is a Different Vision of Life

Spanish is the most widely spoken language in Miami. Despite English being the city's official language, 60 percent of Miami's population speaks Spanish. This is owing to significant influxes of immigrants from various Hiic regions, such as Central and South America.

Practice Like You have Never Won; Perform Like You have Never Lost

On a global basis, only a few cities provide a more comprehensive range of sports than the Magic City. Aquatic activities and Non-aquatic activities are among the sports you can participate in, both professionally and recreationally.

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Is It a Cleanest City?

Yep. Miami received the Forbes award "America's Cleanest City" despite its sizeable metropolitan size" in 2008. That's due to Miami's vast green spaces, spotless streets, clean drinking water, good air quality all year round, and citywide recycling programs.

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You Won’t find any Basements in Miami

In most of Florida, for that matter, if you start digging into the ground, you will find water everywhere. Miami's buildings don't have basements because the land is about 6-9 ft. (1.82-2.74 m) above sea level.

Whether Miami Beach’s Island is Manmade?

Yes, Miami Beach Island is manmade. This also makes it one of the few artificial Islands in the U.S. once, the area was a deserted coconut grove plantation. At that time, no one would have ever guessed that it would become the dazzling tourist destination it is nowadays. 

I hope that you have gotten some idea about Miami Beach from the above content and I have given you that what are the places to get visited there. 

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