Interesting Facts About Indigenous Day Of America Which Is Counter Celebration Of Columbus Day

Interesting Facts About Indigenous Day Of America Which Is Counter Celebration Of Columbus Day

Updated on December 24, 2021 17:10 PM by Anna P

Annual celebration for honoring the ancestors and nation is an astonishing thing that the Americans celebrate in the name of Indigenous People's Day. Americans are celebrating Indigenous People's Day to honor the contribution of Native Americans to the American nation's culture. Celebration for honoring the contribution of ancestors is an interesting factor. There are also more interesting facts existing behind Indigenous People's Day that you may not know. So if you are willing to be wise by realizing the unknown and wonderful facts about Indigenous People's Day, read the points stated on this page.

When And Who Recognize The Holiday

A holiday on October second Monday is announced for celebrating Indigenous People's Day in the United States. U.S president Joe Biden is the first president of the U.S who had legally declared October twelfth as a national holiday by signing the presidential proclamation on October eighth, 2021.

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Finding Is Not Giving A Birth

As Christopher Columbus had discovered America by landing on the island of Guanahani in 1492, it doesn't mean that the American nation was created on that day. Before the landing of Christopher Columbus, the indigenous people of America had been living in that nation. Hence to commemorate the culture and histories of the Native American People, Indigenous day is declared and celebrated.

Counter To Columbus Day

While not agreeing with the concept, a celebration for that concept is also a disagreeing factor. Hence while not agreeing with the idea that Columbus is not the first person to discover the American nation, the celebration concept of Columbus Day disagrees with the people who prefer to honor Native Americans. Hence to honor the Native Americans and to enjoy the counter celebration of Columbus Day, Indigenous Day has been celebrated since 1991.

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Idea Of Indigenous Day

The formal declaration of Indigenous day was made in 2021. But the idea for the Indigenous day was budded in 1977 in Geneva, Switzerland, at the United Nations International Conference against Indigenous Populations.

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Who Adopted Idea As Celebration First

The first city which adopted Indigenous People's Day to celebrate was Berkeley, California, in 1992.

Six Or Nine, Indigenous Day Or Native People Day

While looking at the number six from downwards, it will look like nine at the upward angle. Thus it depends on the position of the person looking at. The Indigenous day was also celebrated as First People's Day, National Indigenous Day, and Native American Day with the same motive to celebrate.

Day To Celebrate The Culture

In addition to honoring the Native Americans, Indigenous Day is the key to bringing awareness about Columbus's treatment of the American Indigenous people. Hence to celebrate and respect the nation's culture along with Indigenous people, Indigenous Day was celebrated. 

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