Climatic crisis in China! Extreme weather cause havoc with a record of rainfall and heat wave!

Climatic crisis in China! Extreme weather cause havoc with a record of rainfall and heat wave!

Updated on July 21, 2022 12:11 PM by Ava Sara

World's most populous nation

China grapples with an unrelenting torrent of extreme weather emergencies. Summer began; towns and farmlands were inundated by floods, landslides, buried roads, and crops were under the scorching heat. The climate crisis would amplify extreme weather and make it deadlier.

Historical record rainfall

In May, the rainy season started with heavy rainstorms that brought severe flooding and landslides to Southern China. Climatic changes cause killing dozens of people, displacing millions, and causing economic issues among people.

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The cause of heat waves engulfed half of the country, affecting more than 900 million people, which is 64% of the population. Two northeastern provinces in China had high-temperature issues where 84 cities were under red alerts last Wednesday.

The city got collapsed

The heat wave caused power shortages in some regions and hit the country's crop production, which threatened to increase food prices. From July to August, there will be more extreme weather in China that causes regional floods that are heavier than usual.

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Challenging climate

China's annual average surface temperature rose at a pace of 0.26 degrees Celsius per decade between 1951 and 2020. From 1980 to 2020, Sea levels around China's coastlines rose faster than the global average.

The climatic change affects the city personally

Researchers found that China's public concerns over global warming and climate change are extremely low compared to other countries. Before 2030, the Chinese government promised to bring greenhouse gases to a peak, and by 2060, they achieved carbon neutrality.

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