China set to stage military drills around Taiwan! Own airspace in Taiwan!

China set to stage military drills around Taiwan! Own airspace in Taiwan!

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Around the island, maps of six zones are released by the Chinese Defense ministry. It has planned to conduct air and sea exercises and long-range live fire exercises described as a blockade. During the drills, Aircraft and ships are warned to stay out of the areas.

Identification zone!

Beijing extends well into Taiwan’s air defense as the exercise area announced for identification zone, airspace commonly referred to as an ADIZ. The island’s territorial airspace has an area recognized by international law as extending 12 nautical miles from shore.

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Country’s airspace!

According to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, the area above is considered the country's territorial airspace, which stipulates that without permission, military aircraft may not fly over the territory of another country. On 10th December 1982, China signed on to UNCLOS, and in 1996, it ratified as Taiwan is not.

Is Taiwan an independent country?

Taiwan is a self-governing democracy; China insists on sovereignty over the island and is considered to be an independent country. Most countries worldwide would not recognize Taiwan as an independent country, as they have more diplomatic relations with Beijing than Taipei.

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Does Taiwan have its airspace?

Taiwan is autonomous as it’s effectively independent of any other country. They have their government, collect all their taxes, and def defend their borders. As Taiwan is an independent country, it should have its own airspace.

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Taiwan airspace!

The airspace of Taiwan extends to 12 miles beyond the baseline. It was beyond the 12-mile limit of international waters and international airspace. Chinese commercial aviation companies also respected Taiwan’s airspace. Taiwan’s military aircraft do not need permission to fly into the island’s territorial airspace.

China military planes over Taiwan!

The five permanent Security Council members, including China and the United States, have veto power so they can block any UN attempt to enforce international law. China has disregarded international law norms left and right for decades, not least in the South China Sea.

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Airspace and identification zone!

Taiwan said 21 Chinese planes entered its ADIZ, and for the past month, there has been an almost daily incursion of PLA warplanes. A designated area of airspace over land or water within which a country requires the immediate and positive identification, location, and air traffic control of the country's national security.

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Taiwan’s air defense identification zone!

The island's air defense identification zone was the brainchild of the United States, similar to Japan, South Korea, and the Philippines, as they tried to protect them from Chinese and Russian overflights. Taiwan’s air defense identification zone extends over the Chinese mainland, where Taiwan cancels Chinese flights if they cross the median line.

Air defense identification zone in China!

China has the air defense identification zone over the East China Sea and covers the disputed Senkaku/Diaoyu island chain as Japan controlled it. China’s air defense identification zone does not cover only the island of Taiwan as it overlaps with South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

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