Best Amazon Discount Deals of the Day: 28 Feb 2022

Best Amazon Discount Deals of the Day: 28 Feb 2022

Updated on February 28, 2022 18:39 PM by Evelyn Mia

What are the Amazon deals for February 28th, 2022?

Every day, we scour Amazon for the best deals possible. Whether you're looking for something for your kitchen or top-rated technology to add to your smart home collection, the online shopping giant has some of the best deals on various products. Whatever you're looking for, Amazon has it.

There are a lot of Amazon deals to take advantage of this week. From Apple's latest MacBooks to our favourite headphones, Amazon is slashing prices on various items. It's even better if you're a Prime member because Amazon offers perks like free one-day delivery and super-fast Whole Foods supermarket deliveries.

We've compiled a selection of the finest Amazon bargains right now, including computers, smart home gadgets, clothes, electronics, home furnishings, and some lovely mattresses, verified by our deal specialists as "best of web" pricing.

Pure Daily Care Luma Simulation


Luma is a 4-in-1 beauty powerhouse that combines four powerful yet natural technologies to provide you with an all-in-one skincare solution. Depending on your skincare goals, you can use each mode alone or combine them with this skin therapy wand for customised therapies such as anti-ageing, skin firming, and more.

Luma's first two modes feature intense red, blue, and green LED light therapy and wave penetrating cell stimulation. Clinical studies have shown that light treatment can help combat the indications of ageing (red), soothe skin (blue), and improve complexion (green). Wave Penetration technology works like a weekly workout for your skin, lifting and firming the skin while preserving moisture to increase collagen and elastin synthesis dramatically.

Ionic and Massage Therapies - Ionic/galvanic, channelling, and massage are the third and fourth Luma modes. You can use ion(+) or ion(-) to either remove dirt and impurities out of the skin or to carry serums and creams to the deeper layers of the skin, greatly enhancing absorption and effectiveness. The massage mode features two settings that use vibrations to firm your skin by gently massaging your facial muscles, improving muscular tone in the cheeks, eyes, and forehead.

Convenient Features - You may rapidly build unique treatments with enhanced features like an LED display. Finally, a built-in timer will enable you to pre-set how long each treatment should last. Luma will turn off automatically after the timer expires, letting you know when you're done. Luma is powered by a superior lithium rechargeable battery that allows you to use it without a cord.

1 Luma wand, travel pouch, charging cord, quick-start treatment guides, and instruction booklet are included in the box.

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David Archy’s Men's Soft Fleece Plush Robe Full Length Long Bathrobe


This men's bathrobe has two large pockets that allow you to effortlessly warm your hands and carry your phone whether you're inside or outside. Tie closure made of 100% polyester. Double Layer Bonded Velvet Lounge Robes have exceptional resistance to cold air to keep you warm and comfortable and rich fabric for maximum enjoyment and relaxation. Large hood robes with a vintage style may keep your neck and ears warm in the cold winter. Non-removable Belt with a Self-tieto provide better convenience and security for your daily wearing, avoid misplacing items.

Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer & Humidifier


The Pure Daily Care Nano-Ionic Facial Steamer & Humidifier is a brand-new steamer that produces nano-ionic steam. NanoSteamer does this by combining a traditional heating element with a novel ultrasonic vape to create nano steam that contains negatively charged ionic particles. Nano steam mixed with ionic water particles penetrates the skin up to 10 times more effectively. Every Nanosteamer comes with a 5-piece stainless steel blackhead and blemish extractor kit as a bonus. This set contains five accurate instruments that work in tandem with your Nanosteamer. Included is a 5-piece professional skincare kit. After your steaming session, use this kit to easily remove blackheads and blemishes for flawless skin after each usage.

Nanosteamer is a real multifunctional beauty and wellness device that can be adjusted to humidify a space and has an extra chamber to warm towels for maximum refreshment or a quick and easy makeup removal. The NanoSteamer is the only full-size steamer with a bigger 200ml water tank that enables 30 minutes of operation while being fully silent. It also has an automatic shutoff sensor that turns off the Nanosteamer when the water runs dry.

1 NanoSteamer Facial Steamer, 5-piece stainless steel skin kit with storage case, Power cord, Instruction and support contact manual are included in the box.

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 LG Reflect LTE Prepaid Smartphone (Locked) - - Black - 32GB - Sim Card Included - CDMA


To those who are looking for a good deal. You're looking for a smartphone that does all you need and looks and feels amazing. You also enjoy creating and sharing memories, so you'll need a sharp and responsive camera.

2.0GHz Octa-Core Processor; 4,000mAh Non-Removable Battery; 6.5" HD + FullVision Notch Display; Rear cameras with three lenses Front-facing camera has 13MP plus 5MP plus 2MP/13MP; 3GB RAM Android 9 Pie; 4G LTE; Wi-Fi 802 11 b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth 5.0 CARRIER: 32GB Internal memory Supports Micro SD memory card up to 2TB (not included); 3GB RAM Android 9 Pie; 4G LTE; Wi-Fi 802 11 b/g/n/ac; Bluetooth 5.0 CARRIER: This phone is Tracfone-locked, which means it can only be used on Tracfone's wireless network. Plans with unlimited talk, text, and data start at $20 per month.

Pressure Cooker Steam Fryer


NINJA FOODI SMART XL PRESSURE COOKER STEAM FRYER: Extra-large, family-sized capacity with pressure cooking, air frying, and SteamCrisp capabilities - all under one SmartLid.

FOODI SMART THERMOMETER: You can get even more precise data at the press of a button. There will be no more speculation.

SMART COOK SYSTEM: Achieve the optimal doneness from rare to well done with 4 smart proteins settings and 9 adjustable doneness levels. You may choose from three different pressure release settings with the three auto-steam release controls.

SMART LID SLIDER: Slide the lid to reveal three cooking modes and 14 culinary features.

STEAMCRISP TECHNOLOGY: Steam and crisp simultaneously for faster, juicier, crispier results. (Only in dry mode vs. Ninja Foodi OL701).

Double your cooking capacity or prepare 3-component full dinners at the push of a button—mains and sides all done simultaneously—with the DELUXE REVERSIBLE RACK.

Speedier COOKING: Prepare faster meals with up to 70% faster cooking (when compared to slow cooking), 40% faster 1-touch meals (when compared to traditional cooking methods), and 25% faster artisan bread and cakes (vs. traditional ovens).

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