At sesame place after being traumatised by an alleged racial snub, a black child isolates with a family member

At sesame place after being traumatised by an alleged racial snub, a black child isolates with a family member

Updated on July 21, 2022 10:37 AM by Ava Sara

"Misunderstanding" The mother of the two Black children who appeared to be ignored by a costumed figure during a parade at Sesame Place in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, claims the theme park's explanation of the incident as a "misunderstanding" is insufficient.

 The Incident Her daughter and niece can be seen reaching out to Rosita's character in the nine-second Instagram video that Brown posted. In the footage, Rosita is seen giving others high-fives until she appears to point at an unnamed person, shakes her head at Brown's daughter and niece, and then walks away.

Racism Right after the character passed them, a young child of a different race was standing next to them, and [Rosita] hugged her, according to Brown.

 Stopped recording the video She claimed the figure gave the other child a two-armed embrace. "I had already stopped recording the video at that point. What just happened? I was upset so I paused the video."

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Apologized Sesame Place said in a news statement Tuesday night that they had spoken to the family on Sunday and apologized for the experience they had, reimbursed expenditures, and invited them back.

 Reimbursement "On Sunday we did talk with and apologize to the family for the experience, offering a return trip for a meet and greet tailored experience with the characters," reads the statement. "We offered to cover her travel expenses. Although it would not have been received yet, that reimbursement has been processed."

Their Statement According to the statement "It is not acceptable to us when children and families don't feel special, seen and included at our park. Our performers work here to entertain and inspire all children -- not to disappoint any of them,".

 Character's Claim "The person who plays the role of Rosita has confirmed that the "no" hand gesture that can be seen repeatedly in the video was not intended for any one person in particular; rather, it was a response to several requests from a member of the audience who wanted Rosita to hold their child for a prohibited photo. The Rosita performer is heartbroken at the miscommunication and insists that she did not purposely disregard the girls."

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Their Statement "Sesame Place has been upholding the principles of respect, inclusivity, and belonging for more than 40 years. As they visit our parks, we pledge to do a better job of making kids and families feel unique, present, and included."

 "Disgusting" The mother referred to the occurrence as "disgusting" in the video's caption. "I will never step foot in @sesameplace ever again !" The mother who goes by Jodiii on Instagram said. "And please feel free to repost this. Run me my money back."

Family Representative for the family, B'Ivory LaMarr, claimed that the park's response was insufficient.LaMarr highlighted that he is still looking into what happened and exploring all of their options.

 No one to speak to Brown claims that when she showed the employee near the park's exit the footage of the incident, the employee informed her that there was no supervisor at the park she could speak to.

 Her Daughter's reaction "My daughter was just sad. She asked ' mom what did I do? What happened I said you didn't do anything. Some people are just mean people, " Brown said.

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