An upscale DC apartment was found with a dead Putin critic outside after police were called for a 'jumper'

An upscale DC apartment was found with a dead Putin critic outside after police were called for a 'jumper'

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An American businessman who was a fierce critic of Russian President Vladimir Putin once living in the Soviet Union died outside his Washington, D.C., apartment on Sunday. He was found early Sunday morning in Georgetown outside 2400 M Apartments. 

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that foul play was not suspected in the incident. An officer responded to a call about a "jumper." Along with Rapoport's body, a Florida driver's license, a cracked phone, and other personal items were found.

A few days before his death, Rapoport posted an eerie Facebook picture showing Marlon Brando as Colonel Kurtz, from "Apocalypse Now," along with the phrase "The horror, the horror.". It seems that Putin was regularly criticized on social media by him, according to a Facebook post he wrote in 2014.

He is leading his country and people toward a confrontation with civilized civilization. A hot war is unlikely, not a cold war since he is evil, corrupt, deceitful, and dangerous. Rapoport says he is not trying to benefit Russia, but rather to distract his people from the economic hardships caused by institutionalized corruption and recent sanctions.

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According to Rapoport's Facebook profile, he supported Ukrainians during the Russian invasion. "There has never been a conflict as clearly polarized in the last 75 years, a battle between slavery and freedom, totalitarianism and democracy, cruelty and humanity," says he. 

During the Russian invasion, Alena Rapoport evacuated her family from Kyiv and later returned to assist. In her words, Alena said, "I am so sorry to learn Dan, my husband, has passed away. We were supposed to meet, he had appointments, he had plans. Dan evacuated us from Kyiv and returned to the country to help it.

Upon being granted political asylum in 1980, Rapoport's family immigrated to the United States after he was born in Soviet-controlled Latvia in 1940. As a graduate of the University of Houston, he established the Moscow nightclub Soho Rooms in 1991.

A Russian political prisoner named Alexei Navalny was supported by Rapoport in 2012 after he came to Washington, D.C., with his model wife.  Having divorced, Rapoport sold the home in 2016 to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. Alena became his second wife when he met her. Any story tips should be directed to Adam Sabes at Fox News Digital.

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