An earthquake in the northern Philippines at 7.0 magnitude triggers landslides!

An earthquake in the northern Philippines at 7.0 magnitude triggers landslides!

Updated on July 28, 2022 11:50 AM by Anthony Christian


In the earthquake, dozens of people were injured, and five were killed after a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in the northern Philippines. It causes multiple damages to landslides and buildings. Currently, 64 people have been reported as injured, and 173 buildings have been damaged.

Hospitals and homes were evacuated during the strong quake, centered on a mountain area in Arab province 11 kilometers from the quake's epicenter. Officials reported that a falling cement slab killed one man and injured 25 others.

Cut off the power supply!

A construction worker was hit by debris and killed in the mountain town of La Trinidad, nearby Benguet province, where landslides and falling boulders closed roads. The hospital of Arab province is also damaged where there is a gaping hole in the hospital's front entrance. In the Arab province, the town was without power as the supply was cut off due to danger.

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Rescue and relief!

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr ordered some teams for rescue and relief operations. He wrote on Facebook that the earthquake is a sad report causing more damage, and we assure quick response to those in need affected by this calamity.

Heavy losses!

The shaking caused cracks in businesses and homes in the capital city of Manila, more than 430 km away. Some towns near the quake have reported landslides, and no tsunami warning has been issued. The US Geological Survey measured the quake's strength at a magnitude of 7.0 at a depth of 10 kilometers.

Arc of faults!

The Philippines lies along the Pacific ring of fire, an arc of faults around the Pacific Ocean where most earthquakes occur. Each year, it is also prone to about 20 typhoons and tropical storms, making it one of the world's most disaster-prone countries.

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