A wild and crazy place yah! It’s a Los Angeles, California

A wild and crazy place yah! It’s a Los Angeles, California

Updated on December 23, 2021 18:27 PM by Ella Bina

Connect with wildlife at the Los Angeles zoo! Come to one of our illuminating zoo talks! They're offered every day of the week at various animal habitats within the zoo. Get to know about the fascinating natural behaviors of some of our most"colorful" residents at the world of birds show.

Join me to learn about your Los Angeles zoo and its essential mission while enjoying a memorable and one kind of experience.

Travel with the zoo…

The Los Angeles Zoo is a great place to learn about the natural world. Each journey highlights the region's flora and fauna, as well as its history and culture. Travelers enjoy special access to skilled local guides and naturalists as they explore and learn about the L.A. zoo's engagement in wildlife and habitat conservation activities. An L.A. Zoo professional representative escorts all tour groups to provide insight, experience, and support.

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Camps & classes in Los Angeles…

These exciting, engaging, and inspiring activities for kids, parents, and teachers will help you form a stronger bond with the zoo and its animals. Safari summer is a caring, safe, outdoor day camp experience centered on nature, conservation, and wildlife for kindergarten (age 5) to fifth-grade children.

While on-site school programs are temporarily suspended, students still explore the zoo, learn about wildlife, and make observations through virtual programming. A virtual field trip can be used by anyone, including teachers, guardians, and students.

Let's hear you howl this Halloween!!!

This October, the Halloween spirit is in full swing with unique weekend entertainment and activities such as open-air live shows, special animal pumpkin feedings, themed photo ops, education stations, and more.

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The use of costumes is encouraged! At the zoo, there's a boo...

Adults and children are welcome to visit the zoo dressed in Halloween costumes on our Boo at the Zoo treat days. To ensure that everyone has a good time, they don't allow full face masks, firearms, obscenity, or anything else that might bother the guests or the animals.

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Birds show at Los Angeles zoo!

Isn't this incredible? For nearly 40 years, audiences have been enthralled by the world of birds exhibition. This free-flight program highlights celebrities' natural mannerisms and incredible powers. The presentation features more than 20 different bird species, including macaws, condors, vultures, cranes, hornbills, hawks, owls, and eagles.

Phoenix, the Harris hawk, is known for soaring from the hill, through the turret at breakneck speed, and landing on a trainer's glove stationed in the stands. Hope, the first California condor to engage in a free-flight, realistic bird display, is another remarkable star.

The wonder of lights at the L.A. zoo, how?

L.A. Zoo Lights is pleased to encourage the Los Angeles community to experience a wild paradise of light under the stars at the gorgeous L.A. zoo in world-famous Griffith Park. What! These lights are a self-guided 60-90 minute stroll through a large area of the zoo that includes wildlife-inspired displays, dynamic lights and projections, immersive interactive experiences, fabulous photo ops, and seasonal magic like giant glowing animals, as well as holiday treats, food, and visits with Santa throughout the season.

Explore this wild paradise of light under the skies at the gorgeous L.A. Zoo to create wonderful holiday memories. Enjoy seasonal food and goodies along the road, and stop by our lively village for the perfect photo opportunity.

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