A rare subtropical storm will likely form in December for the maiden time in almost ten years

A rare subtropical storm will likely form in December for the maiden time in almost ten years

Published on December 08, 2022 01:22 AM by Emily Hazel

Although the peak hurricane season may be finished, a rare subtropical storm with a predetermined name may emerge in the Atlantic Ocean in December for the maiden time in almost ten years.

Due to a low-pressure system "generating disorganized showers and thunderstorms" along the central Atlantic Ocean, the National Hurricane Center released a special tropical weather outlook on Monday. The system was approximately 900 miles northeast of the northern Leeward Islands in the Caribbean at 8:30 a.m. EST on Wednesday.

What does this actually mean? 

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Potentially a well-organized tropical depression or subtropical storm, as defined by the National Weather Service as having "typically a large, cloud-free center of circulation, with very heavy thunderstorm activity in a band removed at least 100 miles from the center" and having the ability to generate strong winds.

"It is anticipated that this tropical system would be huge and extend hundreds of kilometers. As a result, wind and choppy seas can spread far from the storm's center "said senior meteorologist Adam Douty at AccuWeather.

Otherwise put, "We have a 50% possibility of seeing a subtropical storm. The ideal time frame is from Wednesday to Thursday, "said John Cangialosi, interim branch chief of the National Storm Center's hurricane specialist team.

Cangialosi predicted that it would only last a short time if it did occur

The Atlantic had barely recovered from Hurricane Nicole, a late lethal storm that strengthened to a Category I and prompted evacuation orders along Florida's east coast in November, when Owen, the next name on the list, may make landfall.

According to the hurricane center

"Environmental circumstances are favorable for this system to develop some subtropical features when it drifts northeastward during the following few days." However, the low is anticipated to move over cooler waters by Thursday night or Friday, ending its potential to develop into a subtropical cyclone.

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