A massive decline in Hong Kong's population! It's the sharpest annual drop in population!

A massive decline in Hong Kong's population! It's the sharpest annual drop in population!

Updated on August 13, 2022 00:20 AM by Ava Sara

Hong Kong had the biggest drop in its population where the experts declined due to Covid control measures and political crackdown. On Thursday, per the Census and Statistics Department, the city's population fell from 7.41 million people to 7.29 million, which is about a 1.6% massive decrease.

The natural decrease in population!

In the past years, Hong Kong has been in massive social upheaval, and there has been a natural decrease where more deaths than births, including anti-government protests and the coronavirus pandemic. Over the past year, 113,200 residents left Hong Kong compared to 89,200 the year before. The city's heavy-handed Covid-19 is the main cause of residents, travelers, and expatriates driving away throughout the pandemic.

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For months Hong Kong remains close to its borders where the rests of the world are open. They suspended air routes, imposed mandatory quarantines and social distancing measures such as caps on public gatherings, and limited restaurant services. Mask is one of the mandate things where people in public places like beaches and gyms face long closures during high cases.

Loss in business and economy!

Covid-19 restrictions for more than two and half years cause a heavy loss on business and the economy. Hong Kong sites have devastated businesses most famous sites, including the Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurants, were shuttering. The group's CEO, George Leung, mentioned that Hong Kong border closures were sitting any prospects of economic recovery with a concrete timetable to reopen Hong Kong.

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Policies by the government!

The impact of policies includes flight restrictions such as requiring all arrivals to be vaccinated, testing negative for Covid, and paying for quarantining a hotel upon arrival that interrupted population flow. The quarantine requirement gets lowered the days to stay in a designated hotel from seven to three. Hong Kong is still a bustling finance hub as the government downplayed the population drop.

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Political crackdown!

Beijing had a major political crackdown as it imposed a sweeping national security law but wiped out formal opposition. As the law was introduced, many former protesters ad lawmakers fled overseas, fearing prosecution. Some countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, opened new visa pathways for Hong Kongers looking to leave.

The security law as restoring law has been defended, claiming Hong Kong’s freedom of speech, press, and assembly. The security law has effectively restored stability and security. Hong Kong is now a safe zone as they continue to open into a safe business-friendly metropolis.

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