A Bachelor Nation star and his famous girlfriend engage in a drunken, public spectacle

A Bachelor Nation star and his famous girlfriend engage in a drunken, public spectacle

Updated on August 02, 2022 11:03 AM by Emily Hazel

There is no doubt that reality TV stars love to be in the spotlight. Some are more fortunate than others. As well-known reality stars chugged booze straight from the bottle on July 24, they also performed a public lap dance.  Can you tell me about the couple? The star of the hit Netflix series, "Love is Blind," Giannina Gibelli, and Blake Horstmann from Bachelor Nation.

As part of an event promoting Spade and Sparrow's wine, Horstmann and Gibelli were on stage. According to Monsters & Critics, Ginnina rubbed against Blake, flipped her hair around, ground against him, and kissed him with seductive passion.

According to the outlet, Giannina stood and jumped up in the air to get even a bigger crowd reaction, as Blake threw his arm up as well." The DJ Horstmann knows how to get the crowd on their feet. He had his first headlining show in Las Vegas just a few weeks ago. According to Yahoo, Gibelli describes himself as a "Soulpreneur," with a focus on "social media consulting and marketing."

The couple's continued relationship was well-received by Instagram users. Another fan wrote, “This is what happens when you date a hot Latina.” One commented, “This is the hype I needed.” Horstmann responded, “This is the caption.”

An enthusiastic fan wrote, "The dance is great but the same timing of the arm pump at the end is !!" Another commented, "G is a little freak." What a great couple you are!  Some people were not as impressed as others. Another comment read, "I wish I could unsee this," to which someone replied, "glad to know it's not just me who finds it nauseating."  Another said, "now that I think of that song the rhythm of the dance doesn't match the song at all." The fan-favorite Horstmann came in second place on Becca Kufrin's season of "The Bachelor."

He later appeared on "Bachelor in Paradise," which featured the "Stagecoach Controversy," reports E News. A bachelor nation woman and a Bachelor Nation woman slept together during the same country festival weekend. The DJ and Gibelli, whom he met during the filming of another reality show, "All-Star Store," are now in love, according to a press release in June. In a recent interview with E News, Gibelli said getting engaged to Horstmann would give her "happiness beyond measure."

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