8 Most fascinating facts about the beguiling island of Puerto Rico that will make you plan a trip right away!

8 Most fascinating facts about the beguiling island of Puerto Rico that will make you plan a trip right away!

Published on November 12, 2021 05:59 AM by Ava Sara

With serene beaches and year-round sunshine, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island that has appealed to visitors from across the globe. However, this little island holds within itself centuries of unforgettable history, heritage, and culture. 

Here's a sneak peek at some of the most fascinating facts about Puerto Rico:

Is it a country?

Many think of this beautiful island to be a country due to its distinctive cultural identity. But, Puerto Rico is not a country. It is a commonwealth governed by the United States.

However, Puerto Rico stands as an independent nation in the Olympics, Miss Universe, and other international events.

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There is no need for a passport for U.S. citizens to visit this idyllic island!

So, if you are planning a vacation without the hassle of a passport, this is the place you need to be!

The mesmerizing streets of Old San Joan!

The narrow streets of Old San Joan are paved with blue cobblestones called adoquines. In the 1700s, iron slags were being cast into blocks and brought over to the island as ballasts on the Spanish ships. When returning, it was replaced by gold and other wealth and treasure. Those blocks form iron slag have been used to pave the streets since 1784.

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The Only Tropical Rainforest in the US Forest Service!

El Yunque Rainforest is 28,000 acres of tropical palms and lush greenery. A sight for sore eyes, El Yunque, seems like an almost untouched pristine rainforest that has hardly changed over the years. Another fun fact that instantly attracts most people is that it can rain up to 365 days a year here!

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Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

Two hundred seventy miles of absolute beauty, this island has coral-rich shores to white sand, black magnetic sand, cave beaches, and so much more! Flamenco Bay is often regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Puerto Rico's real-life Pirate of the Caribbean!

Cofresí Pirate is Puerto Rico's legendary, real-life Pirate. As the legend goes,  Cofresí would attack boats and share whatever he gained with the poor. This earned him the status of Robin Hood of Puerto Rico, and people helped him hide when authorities would search for him. It is said that some of his treasures are still hidden in different parts of the island.

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If you are tired of people, this is where you need to be – the uninhabited islands!

Puerto Rico is an archipelago. There are three residential islands- Puerto Rico, Culebra, and Vieques. And there are other islands that are not residential where you will only find a few animals. These islands are Isla de Mona, Cayo Icacos, Caja de Muertos, and Isla Palomino. Though not residential, these untouched immaculate islands are open to visitors

A stunning island with exquisite beauty queens!

Puerto Rico is amongst the few countries that have bagged the title of "Miss Universe" more than once. It's almost as if this island is blessed with enthralling beauty in almost every aspect. The five ravishing beauty queens from Puerto Rico to have won the title are- Marisol Malaret, Deborah Carthy Deu, Dayanara Torres, Denise Quinones, and Zuleyka Rivera.

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