5 Top most protected President in the World

5 Top most protected President in the World

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Vladimir Putin,

A president's job is never easy; that involves a lot of protocols from the security wing as being the top priority for a country's governance. Saving a President's life is a country's foremost duty that involves a lot of departments starting from defense and other security agencies that differ from one country to another. And here are the top 5 most protected Presidents in the World.Vladimir Putin, Russia's President, is said to have the most potent security force in the World, considered the most powerful person in the World who has hands-on control over nuclear weapons.

He has an elite security agency that protects him and the country's military. That's why Vladimir Putin is living a safe life from getting killed by his enemies. And so far, the government hasn't disclosed any detailed information about the force that protects the Russian President and his family. There is no report available even to the public. Vladimir Putin's security members operate to perfection just before a month to the President's visit. Everything is repaired so that no technicians would have access during the President's visit.

And they coordinate with the local authorities and check for accommodation for the President's stay.The team installs jammers to block any radio detonation signals to the President's location that pings all smartphones and other devices in closer proximity to the President's location to control any suspicious activity.

And no one can question the right to privacy at those times as per Russian law because President's security has the right to install and use tapping hardware and software of any kind, conduct body searches, have access to any building and organization, or seize any to do any of these when decided.  The Psychological Security Department is the part of the Presidential Security Service responsible for analyzing intelligence on threats to the life of the President.

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The Department operates a panel of experts from several intelligence services, as Vladimir Putin himself worked for 16 years as FIO and rose to the rank of lieutenant Colonel before resigning to begin a political career in Saint Petersburg. He then served as director of the Federal Security Service (FSB) and Security Council's secretary before being appointed prime minister in August 1999.

 After that, Vladimir Putin became the acting President and, less than four months later, was elected as the President.But we must agree on one thing keeping Vladimir Putin so much alive for all these years shows us how effective the service is in protecting the President, and he tops the list of the most well-protected Presidents on the planet.


Kim Jong-Un

Kim Jong-Un, the current President of North Korea, has a massive concrete security system that protects him from anything. North Korea has a brutal history that poses a threat to the President; as a result, the country's security system is always ready to prepare itself to protect the President at any cost from internal and external threats. Kim Jong-Un is said to own a private little military army with approximately 120,000 trained troops in addition to his personal bodyguards who follow him wherever he goes. They are the Supreme Guard command and have the total charge of protecting the ruler of North Korea.

Kim Jong-Un, bodyguards, are carefully chosen based on their fitness, marksmanship, martial arts skills, and even looks. These security personnel will jog alongside and behind Kim Jong-Un's official car as they form a human shield. Any foreigners attending the President's events must undergo hours of security procedures beforehand and surrender all electronics, including phones.

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Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping tops the list claiming to have survived the most significant number of assassination attempts globally. However, there are no official reports or statistics to prove the claim. China stands first in the World's most populated country in the World; he and his Communist party members needed a special top guard team to protect them anytime and anywhere, for which they had hired Central Security Bureau.

Along with President's bodyguard from Central Security Bureau at many a time, he will be escorted by top officers from the force's VIP protection unit, formerly known as G4.The higher the population, the higher must be the security guards, who now utilize helicopters and drones to keep the President and his members safe along with his cyber security team of troops.

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Armed officers are used to carrying lightweight ballistic briefcases that could be transformed into foldable bulletproof shields to provide protective coverage within a matter of seconds during any attack. Elite officers used to have machine guns disguised as briefcases so they could take immediate action in the event of danger. The President would always be seated in a bulletproof four-door Honqi sedan, which is a luxury Chinese car used by the leaders of the ruling Communist Party since its founder Mao Zedong.

Guangzhou Automobile Group manufactured some vehicles in the motorcade. The President's car was always escorted by many police vehicles and was seen each time Xi Jinping was out on business. The convoy would always be led by police motorcycles from the force's escort team and a rare vehicle from its explosive ordnance disposal team, which can shut down any nearby phone and any signals to stop anyone from setting off bombs remotely.And a government helicopter will always follow for aerial protection, and traffic lights will permanently be blocked as the motorcade will never make a stop to prevent the heightened risk of being targeted if it remains stationed. 

Mohamed Bin Salmán

Mohamed Bin Salmán shortly called by the name Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, who has the World's most outstanding oil reserves and is home to some of the World's wealthiest individuals. He now serves as Saudi Arabia's deputy prime minister, head of the Council for Economic and Development Affairs, and Minister of Defense.We need to note that Mohamed Bin Salmán has recently developed his military weapons at the cost of $20 billion. After Mohamed Bin Salmán came to power, he brought all counterterrorism and domestic intelligence agencies under a body called the Presidency of State Security (PSS), which reports to Mohammed bin Salman directly.   

Many are unaware that despite his lavish lifestyle, he is a ruthless leader infamous for assassinating anybody who dares to oppose his regime internally or abroad. Saudi Arabia has a long history of adversaries; it is apparent that he is one of the most well-protected persons on the earth, maybe even more so than his father, King Mohamed Bin Salmán.Since he came to power, the crown prince has tightened his grip on Saudi Arabia's military and security agencies since he became crown prince in June 2017 and has drawn frequent debate on security.He improved his security and military by hiring young officers who were already loyal to the crown prince with his authoritarian regime; the security system was his prime responsibility.

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Joe Biden

American President Joe Biden's security is so tight with the secret service. In total, there are more than 6,500 members of the Secret Service, including special agents, Uniformed Division agents, and technical, professional, and administrative personnel. The Presidential Protection Division (PPD) agents are the only ones tasked with protecting the Commander in Chief and their families. The canine unit comprises Belgian Malinois, a small breed from Holland. Dogs are with their Uniformed Division handlers 24/7 and remain with them even after retirement.

All the agents undergo 11 weeks of training at the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in law, firearms, defensive tactics, and report writing. Additionally, an additional 16 weeks of training is required once they arrive in Washington, DC, including advanced driving techniques, physical protection, and detecting counterfeit money and credit card fraud.This security is available not only for the President but also vice President as they can't refuse protection while in office.

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Once they are out of their role, the President and their spouse can decline lifelong protection and hire their security detail. The President is never alone as agents are present in all places, private or public it doesn't matter. President is always filmed so that the footage can be reviewed at any time in the event of an attack. The secret service constantly supervises all the food prepared for the President. When staying at a hotel, the President is always secured by keeping an elevator maintenance specialist on standby in case the President gets stuck.

The agents are available round the clock and must be available even during the President's leisure time, so the agents are forced to pick up some hobbies, including running and horseback riding.These agents can always be seen wearing sunglasses, as it is not only to protect the eyes from sunlight but also to scan a crowd of suspicious actions around the perimeter. The secret service is present at all major events like Super Bowl, even if the President isn't available. This is done to work with other federal agencies to prevent terrorist attacks.












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