Cheez purloined by the thief gang of 3,500 pounds

Cheez purloined by the thief gang of 3,500 pounds

Updated on April 10, 2022 15:38 PM by Anthony Christian

A huge loss 

It has been reported that about 3,500 pounds of cheese worth $23,000 is shoplifted by a gang. The incident happened at a farm.Such theft is a warning to other store houses. They need to protect their goods and follow the security measures.Last week Omroep Brabant reported, Torenpolderkaas dairy farm in Fijnaart in the Netherlands was the site of thievery.

Past cheese heists

Such robbery is not happening for the first time. In 2016, 160,000 pounds of cheese was targeted through multiple stores in Wisconsin.In 2020, it was reported that about 4% of cheese was stolen worldwide. This made cheese the most stolen food on Earth. Whatever happened in cheese thefts resulted in price hikes for cheese.

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Who is Theo Dekker? 

The chairman of Association of farm and dairy products. He keeps a check on authenticity on milk based products. Dekker told Omroep Brabant that cheese purloining is not just a loss to a particular organization. It is a risk to multiple future thefts.Theo demonstrates the theft as ‘well-organized crime’ it included experienced criminals.

Who can get the job done? 

According to Dekker, the thievery is done by someone who has probably explored the farm. As they knew well what to pack and how to pack. Theo also told Omroep Brabant, ‘we are a bit afraid of this’. As the thieves don’t have any fear they just get into the farm, dump their buses and move away.

What attracted the thieves?

Dekker mentioned well, cheese is stolen because of its high price. It can give a huge payout to whoever sells it.Due to demands, cheese doesn’t stay at a place for a long time. Crossing the Dutch borders, cheese moves to Easten Europe.Selling stolen goods is quite an odd job. I mean who likes buying stolen items?

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