21st Anniversary of September 11 incident: Interesting survivor stories from WTC collapse

21st Anniversary of September 11 incident: Interesting survivor stories from WTC collapse

Updated on September 13, 2022 14:46 PM by Andrew Koschiev

September 11, 2001, impacted the world as far as we might be concerned, from how we carry on with our daily existence to the sad recognitions that honour the casualties every year amid promises to "always remember."

Every year, family members of the casualties slip on ground zero in Lower Manhattan. The occasions of that terrible day and the weeks and long periods that followed are rarely neglected, nor are the recollections of those killed by terrorists in hijacked planes.

The luckiest among the colleagues

Guzman-McMillan and her partners chose to bring the flight of stairs down after the principal plane hit the North Tower of the World Trade Center. When they arrived at the thirteenth floor, the tower fell on them, and just Guzman made due following 27 hours caught under the pieces.

Brian Clark was one of just 18 individuals in the South Tower to escape from a story above where the plane struck. During his plummet from the 84th floor of 2 World Trade Center, where the workplace of his global business firm was, Clark halted to save the existence of a man.

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The rescue team got rescued

Canavan, who worked at the Principal Association financier firm, was covered alive when the main tower fell on 9/11. Canavan was saved from death, he told Reuters, because a huge concrete wall fell over him, which made a protected pocket in the heap of garbage.

Captain Jay Jonas, and five of his firefighters from Ladder Company 6, were leaving a pursuit and salvage mission in the North Tower soon after the South Tower imploded. The North Tower imploded around them shortly after, yet Harris and the men were not crushed.

The then and now popular people

Manning showed up for work at the North Tower minutes before the principal stream collided. As she entered the lift that would take her to her office, she was met by a fireball. In 2013, then, at that point, President Barack Obama referred to Manning to act as an illustration of an example of American people who "bounce back." In July 2016, she gave a broadly acclaimed discourse at the Vote-based Public Show.

Texas State Representative Brian Birdwell, 61, was a lieutenant colonel in the US and was working at the Pentagon when it was struck by the hijacked American Airlines Flight 77 on September 11, 2001. He was left with serious consumes north of 60% of his body and was the last one standing in the E ring at the accident site, Birdwell told KWTX.

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